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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A secret revealed... one of my photos is appearing on a new Oprah Winfrey Network show!!!


                                                 Small Town America ~ Main Street Hamlet, NC style! 

I can *finally* let the cat out of the bag about my pretty little photo above.  It's part of the open for a brand spanking new reality show just now premiering on the Oprah Winfrey Network called Carson Nation.  The premise of the show is that Carson Kressley travels around the USA to give make overs to very deserving individuals.  Talk about a heart warming and wonderful thing! 

Anyway... my pretty little photo was discovered on this very blog by a designer with the Farmer-Brown Production Company in Los Angeles sometime back in February of this year.  They wrote to me on Valentine's Day to see if I was interested in allowing them to use it for a new show which would soon be appearing on the OWN.  The subject line in their email simply said, "Beautiful photo".  This immediately caused me to scratch my head and wonder which photo?  Which blog?  Was it here on Project Rewire?  Or, on All Aboard Hamlet?  Both contain a volume of what I call my therapeutic photography?  Being such a shutterbug, I actually had to ask for a link to the photo.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was from All Aboard Hamlet and that it was easy to understand why they thought it would "look perfect representing the type of small town America that Carson visits".

As one who believes in promoting Hamlet any way I can, it's not an opportunity I would turn down.  So, of course, I said, "yes, absolutely"!  How could I not agree?  I also made sure to run it by Hamlet City Manager, Marchell Adams-David, to see if she would be on board with the idea of a glimpse of Main Street Hamlet appearing on the OWN.  And she had no hesitation, nor reservation whatsoever.  Admittedly, I was a wee bit concerned about the scaffolding appearing in the image beside the Lackey Building.  Scaffolding that was ironically used during the historic building's extensive exterior restoration aka make over to bring it back to its original beauty of yesteryear.  In fact, it was actually the shot I took to mark the ending of the project as I'd followed the progress from start to finish.  Even though I knew it could be easily edited out, it was nice to know the photo appealed to them in spite of it.  As I've had people with critical eyes point the scaffolding ouot to me, as if I wasn't aware it was there.  No, it was not a faux pas.  I'm very deliberate about what I shoot.  It's all part of the way I use photography as a rehab tool.  Always.  And evidently, as well as thankfully, not everyone is looking for the perfect photo edited picture.

This whole thing is kind of ironic and amazing to me all at the same time, when thinking about Hamlet.  Since it's been going through a very needed and much deserved make over of its own.  It's not done yet, but it's getting there, slowly, but surely.  The fact that a designer out in LA stumbled across one of my blogs and discovered just how perfectly my pretty little Main Street Hamlet photo represents small town America is nothing short of a miracle to me.   Other than post my All Aboard Hamlet blog entries on Facebook and email them to a handful of locals, I don't really promote it.  So, the happenstance has made the experience especially remarkable to me.  Add the fact that someone with a keen eye at the Farmer-Brown Production Company saw, what I see when I look down Main Street Hamlet from the Hamlet Historic Depot & Museum brings me much joy.  Yet, it doesn't surprise me.  I've always felt that sometimes those of us from the outside can see more clearly than those of us on the inside from the potential to the beauty... to the beauty in the imperfections.  The latter of which is a constant theme in this blog.  

To say this whole experience has put a big smile on face is an understatement.  I'm beaming not because my photo was discovered, but because Main Street Hamlet will be seen every single time that show airs!  And maybe, just maybe others will see what I see and appreciate, too!

And just fyi... I gave them the rights to use the photo for free.  So before the rumor mill even gets a chance to begin no one needs to be thinking I made anything off of this.  It's a sowing good seeds thing for me.  As I commented a few times recently when to people who think I should be doing something they think I should be doing," hey, thanks, but I free lance for free at the things I want to do".  Things I believe God puts in my heart.  Most of which involve heartstring ties for me.  And by doing so, cool stuff like this happens out of the blue!

As for Mr. Carson Kressley, some of you may recognize him.  He's an Emmy award winner, celebrity stylist, fashion designer, show host and author.  His dream is to make over the world!   And with Oprah behind him, his dreams very well may come true!

Here's the sneak preview of show that aired on June 25th!

Since this ties to Project Rewire and in a way my own make over process since picking up a camera to help rewire my brain a few years ago, I've cross posted this news there, too!

Lastly, while I'm here on Project Rewire, I shared another secret on June 1st in my entry entitled "Who Wants to Know the Secret?" on All Aboard Hamlet.  It's another incidence of happenstance I didn't exactly fall into, but most assuredly God opened a door rather quickly, I walked right through it, knowing in my heart what it would lead to.  Since, I'm not one to steal someone else's thunder, I'll just beyond what I shared (so far) on All Aboard Hamlet in the link above, stay tuned. The North Carolina Weekend spot will be airing soon.  In fact, much sooner, than later.  Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming press release to be written by Kelli Easterling in the Richmond County Daily Journal.


Rita English said...

This is so exciting!!! I'm absolutely amazed!!! Your photo of Hamlet is great, but to have someone across the country see it on your blog, no less, and have it shown on one of Oprah Winfrey's shows....well, it really just blows me away!!! I am so proud of you!!!
God is so good!! Amazing things sure can happen to those who love and honor Him.
WOW!!! We never know what's coming our way, be it good or not so good, but we do know one thing for sure...God always takes care of His children, whether He's leading us, carrying us or jumping for joy with us!!! Right now I'm jumping for joy with both of you!!!
Rita English

Hamna Sayyad said...

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