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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Pink Shoes...

My pilot's granddaughter is turning two! She's his first and I can't tell you how adorable she is. Even though, we don't see her often, she's a treasure. A joy to behold. Well, this year instead of toys her mom told us she needed clothes for Fall. So, shopping we went yesterday. The styles they have for teeny tots these days is just amazing! I wish I were a 2T! Finding outfits for her was so easy. We were lucky, too. The store had received brand new shipments just the day before. There was such cool stuff to choose from. Everything I picked out for her had hot pink in it. You know how fond I am of that color! I just instinctively gravitate toward it! But, we needed something a little more! I knew I wouldn't be attending her birthday gathering today, so I wanted to send something super special just from me to her. It was like déjà vu. Not the bad kind that goes along with mid-left-temporal misfirings, like I have to deal with frequently. But, a good kind!

Here again, God laid a pair of hot pink Crocs in my path. Teeny tiny ones! Mary Janes, just like mine, but of the Mickey Mouse variety! Again, I couldn't resist their cuteness! But, this time, instead of saying "uh oh and oh no" under my breath, I was saying "oh yay! yay!" out loud. They had one pair in her size... just one. Well, of course, out the door they went with me.

Her granddad just called me to say he was about to make his way home. He told me she loved the shoes. That they were a big hit! Yay! I asked if they fit, he said she never put them on. He said that she apparently likes shoes. Ha! What gal doesn't? Now, what was it that God used to speak to me? Ummm... shoes! I still don't know if they fit, though! I'm asking God, just to work that out. Change her foot size if need be! ;)

Whether she'll ever know or understand their personal significance to me, it doesn't matter. It was just another super special thing God did for me... that I could share with someone more than super special to me.

Happy second birthday little sweet one!!!

P.S. Apologies, but none of this will make sense to anyone new reading my blog unless my first post is read. :)


Gigi said...

Oh my gosh...if those aren't the CUTEST shoes! You just know they're gonna fit - they HAVE to! And she carried them around - how precious is that??

ppcjeanne said...

Too too cute! Yes, they must fit! LOL!

My oldest step-daughter took some photos of her with the shoes. She'll be sending them to me. I can't wait!