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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Sydney!

I'm more than a bit behind in my blogging due to little Miss Sydney. She's been keeping me busy busy busy! I'm thrilled to share that she is absolutely thriving! She's happy and loving her life!
We are having a nipping issue, but it's only because she wasn't able to be with her mom and other siblings to receive natural correction (if there were any other siblings besides the one that died). We're working on it, and I can say, it's improving, thankfully. I've not had to use one bandaid so far this week. :)

She's amazing! So smart. So alert. So incredibly observant. She'll sit intently listening to all of the bird sounds in our yard, when another tweets in, she notices and cocks her head. Nothing gets past her, not even a leaf! When she hears either the rescue horse or mule who live on the property next to us, she stops dead in her tracks. She wants to go see!

She's true to her breed, too! She's doing Springer stuff exactly like Chance. He's now totally accepted her, to the point he even initiates play times. He's being very patient with her and rarely lets loose with a growl. She watches him closely and mirrors everything he does. Or, tries to! In some of her behaviors, though, she's older than a puppy her age should be. Admittedly, it saddens me, but with her start in life, she had to grow up fast. I try not to think about it, or her lost sibling, possibly siblings, and their momma dog, but at times I can't help it. It's hard not to see them when I look at her, yet I know God has blessed me with my little miracle puppy. I believe with all of my heart that He has allowed her to become a part of my life, because I'm able to give her tons of hands on attention, and that's just what she needs. While she's helping to keep me motivated and focused, which are two things I've struggled with since Epilepsy became a part of my life. She's indeed a part of my project!

In the week and a half I've had Sydney, I swear she's doubled in size. Here are a couple of slide shows of her. The first is of her second day with us. She took to her leash immediately and loves walking her big brother.

By the end of her first week she'd decided she was a big dog and could walk herself in our front yard... checkout how much she's grown in only a few days!
Of course, she took time out for a romp with Chance. When the irrigation system came on in my side yard, it didn't startle her, she flew over to it and dove right into the sprinkles! What blew my mind is that she was thirsty and realized by opening her mouth she could catch a drink. She is such a smart girl!

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Gigi said...

Oh Jeanne - what a happy little girl she is!! And you're right...she's growing like the proverbial weed! Your pictures capture her spirit perfectly - Miss Sydney looks like one bright, determined pup! I'm so glad to hear things are going well!