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Monday, May 11, 2009

Too much to tell about this Mother's Day...

!!! Believe it !!!

Incredible prayers have been answered

Extremely meaningful to me
Each striking examples of God's love for us
That He's still in the business of creating miracles
And answering prayers

Reminders of hope
Reminders of what having faith in God can accomplish
And, like the story of the Prodigal Son
Walls of distance knocked down
Although the wait is long
Sometimes it simply takes time
For His plan for us to come together
Our free will plays such a role

It can stumble a person
Or, turn a person around
It can give a person
The time they need to
Rediscover themselves
Find themselves
Come back to God
For a new beginning
The very cool thing to know is that
as a believer
Things will turn around

Delay is a risk to take because we are
Not promised one second on this planet
There are no guarantees
Each moment must count
But, God is still in control
Don't forget it!
No matter how hard it is, He promises
His grace is sufficient.

Hard to grasp but so true...
Where two or three are gathered
the Word promises prayers will be answered
Have faith...
Believe it!!!

Deliberately leaving all but a very few of my readers utterly clueless. All I can say is what a Mother's Day!!! One that will be forever etched upon my heart -- the feeling of overwhelming joy and elation!!! Tears of joy and not sadness. Amazing!

The music of Keith Green is timeless. Anyone not familiar with him, I highly suggest you Google him... his light will forever shine And, Google up some of his music on youtube, as well and listen to his words... watch a few of his performances. A man on a mission with compassion and passion.

Me, all I want to do is make a difference, but I know the light in me pales in comparison to Keith's... gives me much to think about and ask God to help me work on... yet, I have faith that perhaps in time with tons of concentrated prayer, and feeding my spirit as the Word requires, maybe at the very least a little glimmer will be seen. We shall see. if His light shines through me.

His love broke through me a long long time ago. yet there are spells I go through where I feel as if everyday, I'm waking up from a dream and I have to remind myself who I am in Christ. As I stumble, I'm aware I can stumble others. And do. I'm asking God to change me. Bless others. Those reminders were so needed... and they've given hope.

The words of this song are utterly captivating. If you need a breakthrough in your life or in the life of someone you care about... consider saving this youtube. Keith had the eyes of Jesus. And, even though he's gone... the light of Jesus still shines through them.

Keith Green ~ Your Love Broke Through

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