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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A glimpse of Heaven on earth @ Marietta Gardens, NC :)

Just a quick in and out to post a slide show of some photos I snapped at Marietta Gardens, Marietta, NC last Tuesday, July 7th. It's a place I've been going to for probably the past 13 or 14 years now. Truly, I've been there so many times and purchased so many daylilies that the trips all run together now in my mind and it's not just that way for me, either. ;)

It's become a family tradition to visit each year more or less for my husband, niece, great niece, sister and quite a few other special people we've had join us over the years. When my niece comes down for a visit from PA, it's a "must do" thing. She times her trips to catch the spectacular daylilies in their full glory.

We've been enjoying Marietta Gardens so long now that we've had the pleasure of watching the ever talented Miss Elizabeth Shooter grow from a young teen to a beautiful young woman and school teacher. Her wonderful parents Faye & John Shooter never fail to treat us like family. We always pretty much make a day of it at their garden and take our time. We visit not just for the stunning collection of daylilies they have to offer, but for the entire experience.

Peak bloom is usually about mid-June, and we'd missed it this year. Yet, it was
still utterly gorgeous in the gardens. Captivating. The colors there are always amazing, even when the season is almost over. As usual, it was HOT there and steamy. There was a hot wind, too. But fortunately, there was wind. It's not always the case. However, we've been there when it's been over 100 degrees with no air moving. It didn't matter. Always the trip is well worth it.

This year I wasn't in the groove to go down every row and delight myself with each name and variety of daylily individually, as I normally would. So, I found a spot nearby a tree with a little shade to plant myself. Just to soak up the view. I watched the sky, the clouds and the shadows of the clouds as they moved rapidly across the freshly cut wheat field off in the distance. The butterflies and dragonflies. I watched the birds and listened to their sweet music. The scent of the place was delicious and fresh, depending upon which way the wind blew. The daylilies as always were incredible. They never fail to put on a show for us. Except for taking a few individual shots of a yummy daylily named Trufflelicious, I concentrated on capturing the whole venue. The essence of the place. How simple and uniquely lovely it is. It's a one of a kind place, believe me.

There was a shot I missed as the clouds covered part of what was the wheat field as the sunbeams brightly lighted the rest of the landscape. (Once a person routinely takes photos of not so routine stuff, there's always a missed shot a person wishes they'd taken).

Why did I miss the shot? Oh, I was busy drying my camera & myself off!
I'd gotten drowned on one side of my entire body, head to toe, by not fleeing out of the way of a giant sprinkler speedily enough. I had nothing to dry off my camera with, so used a portion of the bottom of my shirt but made sure to do so discreetly. I was drenched on my right side. My hair was dripping wet and the wind acted much like a blow dryer, so it dried in rapid time, but very curly on that side. While the other side was the way I fixed it before I left the house. I had to wet the other side, then muss it up so I'd have a curly head on both sides being a naturally curly head, when even a little water is applied corkscrews happen on my head. LOL! The unanticipated sprinkler bath, felt great on that HOT day and gave me a good chuckle. A fun new memory keepsake!

This year, I didn't purchase any daylilies as my garden has gone neglected for 4 years now and my daylilies need some special hands on attention for them to grow as God created them. One of my goals before the summer is over is to dig them all up and replenish the soil (it doesn't take much for daylilies) trim the roots and break some of the clumps up. It'll be a bit of a chore for my husband and I to take on, but I'm going to make sure we find the time. I've been collecting those lilies for years. Some are special hybrids the Shooters gifted me with -- they always reward their customers with a special treat in the form of a daylily. And, they're so sensitive about their customers' fondnesses about varieties, colors, etc. they always hand select the perfect daylily as their gift.

If you're ever passing through NC over the summer, Marietta Gardens is a must visit kind of place! What everyone needs to keep in mind about daylilies is that a bloom only last for a day, so when you have a garden, or even a few individual plants, you must take a peak everyday to see what God's hands were up to overnight to create the next day's view. No bloom is ever the same. And, you only have a few good hours of daylight to revel in the beauty of a daylily. To me they're much like cherished moments in time, yet a great example of living in the "now" and looking forward to the future.

In viewing the slide show notice the little dragonfly with the torn wing. Does his face look like a little human or what? ;)

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