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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cotton Candy in the dusk skies...

The photos below will be a dupe of an album I posted on Facebook earlier tonight. I'll be including the pics I snapped and my captions. Unbeknownst to me as I was working pulling off some photos from memory card of pics that we had lovely pink skies above our home. My hubby called to me to come watch a KC-10 refueling a C-17 up in the sky just a smidgen to the East of us. I dashed and didn't take the time to put the memory card back into my camera. As soon as arrived at our backdoor I could see pink clouds. They appeared almost like stripes in the air. It was wonderful! Just last night he spotted two different sets of KC-10s and C-17s refueling. He was so mesmerized by the sight, he didn't dare take a sec to call to share the view with him. But, this evening he waited outside as dusk was falling keeping an eye on his watch, hoping they'd return. He's not a sky watcher quite like me. He's a plane watcher!

Anyway, so after I watched the two aircraft for a few, I headed back inside to grab one of my cameras with the hopes that another set would fly above. It didn't happen, but I couldn't resist taking a few quick shots of of the marvelous sky above me.

See... I knew when I got up this morning with the cool feel of the air that there would be a big possibility that we'd be treated to pink skies, but I'd forgotten as evening approached. Although my sidetracking was worthy (working on photos is a big deal to me) had I remembered my morning prediction, I certainly wouldn't have been inside, upstairs in my bedroom. Although I have some nice windows, the trees block my view of the sky for the most part. So to really see clouds downstairs or outside are much better for it. This is a great example of the little memory issues I experience that get to me. It's not a pre-occupation thing. But, right now... I'm going to stop here and just share my pictures and captions.

Cotton Candy Skies -- How nice!

The pink doesn't come through too clearly,
but if one looks through the tree silhouettes it can be seen easily.

A sunset is burning through the pine forest.

More cotton candy contrasted against the tree tops
and the Meringue ginger bread gable of my home.
Meringue, by the way, is the color of the paint.

God's palette in this view of the sky was amazing!
His selections of shades & hues to use is endless.

Baby girl pink sand baby boy blues in Carolina.
Can't beat that even in Hawaiian or Seattle skies.

If only it were really cotton candy!
Can imagine how sweet the air would be?

To the West almost above the sunset there layers of white, silver, lavender, pale pastel peaches to deeper orange sherbet. It actually appeared to be a sky parfait!

After the pink clouds passed in the East, a hazy moon appeared.
The soon to be night sky turned a beautiful Carolina Blue again.

God knows how glorious pink skies are to me. How much I appreciate them. How special they are. What they mean to me. Clouds. Sunrises. Sunsets. And any sky pinkness in between. Even though I know and understand that the atmosphere and weather conditions were perfect for "cotton candy" dusk skies. And that everyone who was looking up in Richmond County could see the beautiful pink clouds, it didn't negate how special the dusk sky canvas was painted oh so perfectly with God's touch was to me.

As I've mentioned before being home bound for the most part, I enjoy looking up at the ever changing sky so much. It helps me to feel free. It helps me feel close to family and loved ones in other places. It helps me to breathe a freshness into my life, Particularly on days when I'm struggling. Today, admittedly was one of those "off" days. Not because of anything that occurred today, but my night wasn't a great one physically. But, no need to get into it. I'm used to it, and accomplished several things I'd planned to do today, yay! And one of which was getting the pics above up on Facebook and here on my blog. Why? Because tomorrow they'd be old news. One never knows... there may be pink skies in the morning! Or, perhaps tomorrow evening, but in looking at my clock, it's already tomorrow! Oh well, I could change the time to reflect yesterday, but would that right? No!

More photos are coming soon. Lots more. Of Springers & what my eyes see as I fly in the backseat of my hubby's and my powered parachute. Lots of stuff. I have a new 500 gb mini drive which is going to be so helpful to me! Why? Tooooo long of a story.

Plus, I'll be sharing more about what I feel compelled to share about my health and where I am currently.

But for now... good very very early morning to you!

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