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Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's been said that "A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but...

... look what they can do when they stick together!"

I'm into seeing beauty in the imperfections.  It's a theme I carry here in Project Rewire and on in my other blog, All Aboard Hamlet, too.  But, the sheer beauty of a fresh snowfall is like breathing in all that's supremely fresh, pure, quiet and soft.  It's refreshing to the eyes, and ever so renewing to the spirit.  A beautiful fresh snowfall can mask the imperfections around us in nature, and by man's hand.  It doesn't require someone like me to share a unique view on what's right in front of our noses.  Nor, are words required to explain an obtuse take on beauty that someone else may not readily equate with beauty.  Kind of like, I do, probably... too often.  

So, instead of sharing lots of words from my perspective, I'll just share a few shots below of some of what captured my attention today in the woods beside my home.  And ramble a bit through the rest of my entry.  (If you scroll back to my Thanksgiving entry, many of these shots are the very same places.  It's a quick trip downward, since it was my last entry.)

Autumn is vibrant with a blaze of color, where winter offers a special almost monotone beauty at times.  It's stark, but honest.  Usually, not overly showy, unless it's snowy, which is quite the contrast of its predecessor season.  I like quiet.  I like simple.  Snow is perfectly both.  As long as the wind isn't blowing, who can tell what's happening out of doors if you're depending on your ears to clue you in.  I have almost canine hearing, and I surely can't.

I don't care for cold at all.  However, the only exception is when it snows, I could care less if I'm freezing my rear off, because it warms my heart so.  Snow takes me back to my childhood years and every good memory I've ever had over my lifetime during the snow.  

I also always crave ice cream whenever it snows.  What that has to do with anything, I don't know.  Maybe I'm remembering the yummy snow cream my sisters and mom made when I was barely more than tot back in Norfolk?  Ya think?

Anyway, before I digress much further, many of my friends enjoyed a white Christmas in various spots across the country.  How lovely for each and everyone one of them.  Although ours began to arrive a few hours after Christmas Day was officially over, the expectancy my husband, mother and I felt was enjoyable.  In its own way, it made the day!   We chatted off and on throughout the day watching the skies outside our windows, and the weather guys.  We spent the day hoping, looking and anticipating.  We knew when we finally went to bed long after midnight, it was close to arriving and we'd awake to a vertible winter wonderland.  We surely did!  And what a blessing it was to behold at first sight!

Snow...Snowflakes... have always had a special meaning to me.  But, the last week in 2005, God gave me a word about snowflakes, that helped me maintain a grip on my sanity.  That was the week the seizures fully manifested and my life changed significantly.  Something I can't help but remember during the holidays.  But, to be totally honest, Christmas is always a tough time for me.  Recalling that "E" crisis, just sort of exacerbates things.  I miss my family and my loved ones.  Those who are still "with us" and those who've gone on to heaven.  My dad and my sister, the most.  I also miss my friends.  I miss back home, and I miss Seattle, what I still consider to be my second home, even after being away from there forever.  I find that I go back and re-live what happened to me when the "E" stopped me in my tracks, even though, I try not to by keeping my brain occupied during all of my waking hours.  It doesn't make me sad, but it does challenge me emotionally.  Simply because my life changed and I'm still stuck.  Yet, persevering and hoping and praying for healing.

So, needless to say, personally, to awake and see the gift of a freshly falling (and still falling) snow, boosted my spirits more than I can even begin share.  I'm one who prays for snow around Christmas.  And golly, were my prayers answered! 

Thanks God, some of us needed a special touch from heaven this Christmas.  A touch that only you can provide. A touch you generously gave...

and as the quote says "look what they can do when they stick together!"  This strikes me as a profoundly simple concept...  If only we humans would stick together, what beauty we could make.  


Ginger said...

I want to thank you for your story. It is very touching and I pray that one day you will be healed.In one way I find you a very lucky lady...Steve is such a sweet and caring man and he speaks of you often. Thank God for sending him to you and you to him. You are a great couple.
I enjoyed your pictures of such beauty. The snow is a beauty that God has sent and I find it pure.
I hope one day you can share the beauty of another place with Steve.
I love your pups and I appreciate that you and Steve are lovers of animals. I believe that God has made us the keepers of animals and I myself try to help ones that are less fortunate than our pets. I wish I had the means to help them all!
God Bless You!
Ginger Gibbon

Rocket Man said...

We came out of this storm looking pretty good while Mom got plowed under. We just hot off the phone with her; 14.2 inches on the ground and you know what that means in Virginia Beach. The city will be at a standstill for days. She said they finally managed to get Virginia Beach Blvd. re-opened late this afternoon!