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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's ♥ WSOC & WCNC & the other news agencies for doing a great job of investigative reporting...

and for dogging the Chesterfield County, SC Sheriff's Department about the recent shooting of the possibly 22+ dogs at and dumped in the Sheriff's Department Firing Range.  As well, as contacting SC State officials.  Public outcry is making a difference!

Having friends in the news business, I know how much ground can be covered quickly via dogged investigative reporting in a short time.  At the same, admittedly, I'm highly critical of the media.  But, the local news affiliates and print press nearby Chesterfield County, SC (and beyond) deserve kudos for the job they are doing.

I was wondering when the Sheriff Sam Parker would see that it would be in everyone's best interest for him request  investigative assistance from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, meaning... turn the case over to them.  That is always an option at a Sheriff's disposal.  Could it be that the heat from the outcry has been too hot for him handle?  No, sadly not.  As per the news report on WSOC at 5:00 p.m. today, Solicitor Will Rogers had to convince him to do so.  

I, for one, sincerely, don't believe there can be enough heat placed on Sheriff Parker at the moment.  Or, responsibility placed on his shoulders for being the authority over the Animal Control Officers.  He's under scrutiny, but didn't see that he should call in a higher authority without being nudged to by the Solicitor?  I can just imagine the conversation...  "you're making our state look bad... if you are innocent, it's better it be proved, not assumed just because you're the Sheriff.  You need to be concerned that it not appear that there is any wrong doing..."

Hmmmm... I'm not sure Sheriff get's the appearance of evil thing...

Who believes that Law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard?  I do!  Don't they take an oath of office to protect and serve?

Additionally, Fourth Circuit Solicitor Will Rogers, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, and Governor Nikki Haley offered full cooperation from South Carolina State agencies to Sheriff Parker on Monday. 

Could they're be tired of him making them look bad?

Let's just hope he ceases playing the victim on TV and in his statements.  It's so unbecoming for someone in his position. 

I've also heard from one of my best friends, yet have not seen, that CNN has picked up the story at 3:00 p.m. today. In the Charlotte viewing area that would be channels 32, or on HD, 1400 on Time Warner Cable.  I'm currently glued to the tube watching for the story.  In the meantime, here's a link to WSOC's, FOX News and WCNC's most recent updates:

SLED Takes Over Dog Shooting Investigation

Sheriff's deputies dig through landfill for slaughtered dogs

Chesterfield Co. Sheriff Speaks Out About Shot Dogs, Employees Being Investigated

The above Fox link was edited in @ 12:00 p.m. March 9, 2011.  In my humble opinion, the Sheriff is a baffoon!

And before I close this super short entry, thank you to all who have cared enough about the Chesterfield County, SC Animal Shelter dog shootings, to pass on my blog entry from last night.  You have touched my heart and my spirit by choosing to add your voice to mine and all of the others who are networking on Facebook, off Facebook across the internet, via email, by phone calls and every manner of communication to ensure that justice is done.

Your care, concern and devotion is helping Rainbow Bridge shine a little brighter for those precious dogs.

The story will be ongoing... so please continue to share it.  The more it's in the public eye, the better.

That's all for now... if you've not read my initial entry regarding this horrific story, please click into the link below: 

Exposing the Chesterfield County, SC Animal Shelter... and the killing field... 



Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

At the very least the sheriff should realize that NOT requesting an immediate outside investigation makes him look as if he's got something to hide.

Way to go, Jeanne! Those poor animals couldn't have a stronger voice calling for justice on their behalf.

Animals Alone said...

For some reason I'm not comfortable with the Sheriff's Deputies going through the landfill to dig up the dogs! Just the fact that the AC is through the Sheriff's department, they should have been completely eliminated from ALL investigations - and for some reason, I don't believe that the Sheriff or his Deputies didn't know this was going on since LAST September!!! Thanks for the updates!

Jeanne said...

Chip, I totally agree with you and Animal's Alone, you're not alone with your thoughts, they echo my feelings exactly.

At any time a Sheriff can request that SLED step in SC and in NC it's the SBI. In investigations involving an alleged crime by one officer, I can accept an internal investigation (depending on the nature of the crime). But, when it's an entire Department, which essentially is what the Animal Control Officers are in Chesterfield County, Sheriff Parker should have turned the investigation over immediately to SLED. I think because he sees himself as "the authority" or High Sheriff as they're known the South, that possibly he's untouchable. I see that as a severe lack of judgment in underestimating the ricochet effect of the shots fired at helpless dogs and public outcry. Also, he's opened himself and his entire department up for closer scrutiny by not handling "this" the right way. He's caused himself to look guilty (and he is in my opinion to a certain degree simply because he is the Sheriff, and from his own mouth he admitted he didn't know what was going on at the Animal Shelter). If he did he owns guilt. If he didn't he owns guilt. Both, whether he pulled the triggers or not.

Also, by not requesting SLED to come in immediately, rather than have HIS deputies dig through the Sheriff's Department Firing Range (it is NOT a landfill) that gives ground to a possible cover up. Whether there is one or not, who knows? Also, if the Deputies have gone through the files and records in the Animal Shelter Office, well, that also gives the opportunity to destroy what could be incriminating evidence.

Sheriff Parker has handled everything so far very poorly. During his interviews with media he has chosen a defensive stance, and is trying to blame the fact that they euthanize so much on funding. Well, why not try to work with and establish relationships with more rescue groups? Or, find sponsors for fundraisers.

Also, his statement that he was being brutalized and is terrified of what is being said about him on the internet? Well, how terrified do you think those poor dogs were at the firing range?

Including a link which shows how defensive and out of touch he is with reality and his own Department...

I know people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but in my opinion, he's to be held to a higher standard. He took an oath of office to protect and serve. All I see him trying to do is protect and serve himself.