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Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on my castles in the sky!

In our sport, the saying goes "there's always another day to fly". True, it's a disappointment if we don't get up. But, it's fine. It's the safe choice. I'm keen on using common sense, and fortunately, my pilot is, too. So, we have no "do we or don't we" issues. We don't take risks. We do spend a great deal of time on the ground just waiting for the winds to lay. I'm finding I'm enjoying that time, almost as much as being in the air. It's helping me with my project. Conditions at our little airport are always perfect for sky watching. Especially so on the grassy runway where we hang out.

It's quiet. It's peaceful. It's healthy. Again, good for my project. But, now that I'm into this picture taking stuff, I'm accumulating ground time shots... progressions of what I see while I'm there. Whatever is going on overhead. Whatever we're doing on the ground in preparation.

You get the picture, yes? Just in case you don't, as I mentioned earlier, I was watching what I call castles develop in the sky the other evening. So, you know I had to put together a slide show, so you can see, too.

Just like before you need only click "come see" to join me...

come see

I hope you see the beauty in the sky as I do...

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