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Friday, November 7, 2008

Birds eye view of Hamlet, NC and surrounding...

It's been way too long, hasn't it? I'll play a little catch up before I get to the slide show...

As, mentioned in my last post, my laptop has been on the blink causing me to be on the brink! I have it breathing again, thankfully... although I'm surely holding my breath. The good news is that I'll be getting a new laptop because of it. I've denied myself for two years now -- piecing things back together more than once. Can't hold my breath but so long! Soooo... I'm coming over to the Mac side this time around. From what everyone under the Mac spell tells me, once I do, it's all over! There's no going back to Windows. We shall see!

It'll certainly be great new toy to help with Project Rewire -- learning new stuff is SO important! I've begun to learn some really cool new stuff recently, and can feel something happening up there. Important reconnections are being made. New pathways. Communication is flowing better than it has in a long long while. At the same time, I've been having quite a time of it adjusting to the new medication. That's something I'm familiar with... so it's no biggie!

I've been super busy looking out for Miss Sydney, too. She just started her daily progression of Ivermictin for her Demodex problem. Six days down now... 25 to go. I've also had her on several supplements to boost her immune system. Everything surely appears to be working! She's a whopping 16 pounds now -- loves her food, and she's the ultimate of perky cuteness. She continues to melt our hearts around here -- every day I thank God for her. I'm teaching her to walk through the forest by my house with me. She is incredibly observant for a four month old puppy... nothing gets past her eyes, ears or nose! I'm hoping my little velcro partner will get so in tune with me, that if something were to happen, if a seizure was to break through, she'll know before I do and alert me.

Well... enough running on... about our flight... we flew last Saturday. To say it was gorgeous is an understatement. The fall colors this year are amazing!!! I hear it's the same coast to coast -- in all directions. They're gradient. Living in an area where mostly tall Long Needle pines take up the view, it can be difficult to see autumn peeking through. Not so this year -- in all of my years in NC, I've never seen such color. Some will come through in the slide show, however, I had pesky lighting problems. My little camera's light meter kept going whacko in communicating signals to the processor. Shots kept getting stuck "in processing" -- but things didn't turn out so horribly not to share. Some were iffy but I've thrown them in anyway. In fact, I'm sharing so many you'll feel like it'll never get over. To my pilot's buddies, I'm sure this will be no problem. You never tire of ppc flight viewing!

Time now to click...

come see

Note to my very special friends in Massachusetts -- the "come see" link up there takes you to the pictures!!! Hugs to you both!!!


Gigi said...

Beautiful phots, aa always!

And the "rumor" is true...once you go Mac, you never go back!! You'll love your Mac when you get it!

Glad to read that Miss Sydney continues to thrive!!

Christa said...

Marching season is OVER! WHEW! I feel so out of touch. I'll have to email you and give you all kinds of updates!

The pictures are great. It's true, the color here is gorgeous this year. My maple trees in the front yard were the most intense color of red I've ever seen.

I hope you aren't freezing up there! It's been so cold here some days.