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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goody! The word is we'll have snow on Sunday!

The weather guys are calling for 3 to 6 inches, but I'm in the area where it really looks like we'll get the six! There is nothing like a fresh snow to lift one's spirits... that is unless you live in a place like Ohio. I did a long time ago... and I adored the snow, but it can get to the point when the freezing part gets old. I don't like being cold. Not one bit. Rarely will you hear me complain of the heat down here in the South unless it goes over 100 degrees. I enjoy being warm that much!

I lived in the mid-west years and years ago, and seriously my hands and feet still haven't warmed up yet. The first "few" snows of the year there were truly wonderful. Exhilarating. Gorgeous. It can mask a lot, yet be so much fun. However... the blizzards...oh my word! What an experience for a person like me having grown up in Virginia Beach. Then, when we'd get snow after snow that would all pile up on top of each other. A few inches could turn into 3 feet in no time. Yet, the cool thing is, for the most part driving was easy because the roads were constantly being plowed. Now, on the sides of the roads and streets you'd see snow piled a mile high from all of the plowing. And, if you had to park your car on the side of a street, like I did my very last year there, the thing would have to be dug out. Sometimes more than once a day depending upon how much snow was falling. I remember a few times when it was so cold... the below zero kind, when I would have to put my boots on every hour, coat, hat, mittens -- the whole nine yards... tramp (or would that be tromp -- can't tell sometimes with the pesky word retrieval issues)... anyway, to start my car every hour during the night like clock work, just to keep my battery charged.

Sorry for the side track... my main purpose in this entry was to actually embed a slideshow of the photos I took during a recent snow (first one in years here actually) of the marvelous Hamlet Historic Depot/Museum Train Station. I'd post a link for the place, but their web site is pitifully lacking at the moment, so I'll spare you.

The station was built in 1900 -- Victorian Era and is a jewel to behold. The only one in the nation. I adore Victorian architecture ever so much. One day, I'll share a story about the depot and the tracks behind it... what they mean to me as a gal with railroad roots going back a couple of generations.

But, onto the slide show... as usual remember, I take shots in progression and don't do edits. It's a method I truly believe God as led me to use to help "rewire" my brain and tap into the left side creative part... it helps me learn as I go back and look at the pictures... and it also takes pressure off of me to try to capture the perfect shot. I'm not perfect... don't claim to be, or wanna be -- too boring. Although I do wholeheartedly aspire to take better photos and eventually not learn, but retain certain camera settings in my brain. Stuff like that used to be SO easy for me... it's a wee bit better, but I'm not fully healed there yet...

Again... onto the slide show huge apologies for all of the ramblings. Ramblings are better than rantings though!

And, if you wouldn't mind, please keep me in your prayers... the reason I needed my spirits lifted is I've a few family members I've been a bit worried about... and I've also been very human today. I can't tell if it's due to stuff going on around me and in my life, or due to side effects of the KeppraXR, so I've taken myself off my medication. My intuition told me to, yet, I don't recommend it, but it's the only way I can tell and I've an appointment coming up very soon with my Epileptologist. So, the timing logically feels right. The 24/7 neuro activity I feel never goes away anyway... even though the cluster issues seem better. The headaches are practically non stop and the pressure, rarely do I not feel it. Also, since my words have improved... in writing and verbally... creative ideas are popping into my head all of the time now... and if things remain better, it'll only prove to encourage me... I'll know for sure Project Rewire is working. It'll build my faith stronger. And, I bet I'll be even more intriguing to my Epileptologist. At least I'm not boring. I've also had those 85 to 100 Springers who have come into ESRA's care are heavy on my heart, too. Hoping to hear some news of a transport soon.

One thing led to another last night and today... didn't keep my thoughts "up" and I fell into the trap of thinking about my upcoming appointment for the pre-surgical type MRI and consult following afterward with my Epileptologist at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Medical Center on March 13th. I'm honestly looking forward to it and so hope we'll get some answers. Even though I believe God is healing me... I still want to know what's going on up there, so specific prayers can be said focusing directly on the problem area in my brain. My Epileptologist isn't exactly sure I even have Epilepsy because I'm so interestingly atypical. Often, I don't allow fear to set in... and I didn't today. Today was more of I don't know what to feel, since I don't really know what I have. Once I know... it'll make more sense and with my personality type... my goal in life is to understand everything, everyone... even me! On the ever search for truth.

So, enough about that... this pic below was taken of me inside the Depot/Museum... it's one of my favorite shots ever taken of me. That is a speck on the mirror and not on my sweater. And, there's a bit of a blur to it -- it's an old mirror. One last thing... just so ya'll know, as much as I post pics of myself here and on Facebook... I don't like photos of myself or putting myself out there in public period. Just believe God is leading me to put a Face on Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders -- Brain Stuff. Same thing with ESRA. Well, this entry has been all over the place... kind of like the way I am in my head right now.

P.S. One day I'll talk about my conquering black ice in Seattle, WA. Sliding down the east hill in Kent sideways. Yikes! But, God's natural snow artwork on the glass ceiling panes at Shakey's were amazing. Those of us with Temporal Lobe misfires (and mine are mid temp) never stop remembering... or trying to remember. Thanks for the prayers!

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