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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Didn't type much yesterday... but wrote a great deal of...

...... "phoetry" in my head. It's a real term. It's poetry blended with photography.

Got some stuff done, that needed doing yesterday. Still haven't quite got to rolling today. Much has been on my mind of late and I just wasn't in the mood for completing tasks yesterday. Nor, was I in the groove to do much of anything that required much thought, much less multi-tasking... believe I'm in the same place today.

Yet... Spring is calling to me from both my bedroom and kitchen windows.

Yesterday, it succeeded, so I picked up my camera and began to photograph unlikely pairings and uncommon partnerships surrounding and hanging upon one of my sleeping Crepe Myrtle trees. In the summer it's 2/3 white with 1/3 lavendar. Although when we bought it from the nursery 70 miles from here, it was supposed to be all lavendar, God decided to highlight the lavender with white. In my mind I see the white as a beautiful French lace. Which reminds me of my grandmother.

Took some great shots of my adorable companion Springers, too -- Sydney and Chance. Sydney biting upon my rose bushes... while Chance sniffed the air and listened to the wind. All the while looking like the Strawman from the Wizard of Oz having rolled in the dry Zoysia grass in my backyard. He adores doing that when Spring comes and the ground begins to warm. It's another sign that Spring has arrived.

As I snapped each photo, captions didn't come to mind for each, but rather... poetry... more or less a running poem connecting one photo to another. The combo of which = Phoetry.

Hoping today I'll share the pics and maybe a little of the Phoetry -- we shall see. For that to happen, I must get moving... get rolling on a very late start of my day. Although I've been awake for hours.

In the meantime, I want to take a moment to mention the premiere of movie The Cross -- the story of Authur Blessitt's 40 year journey of carrying a cross around the world in every nation.......... sharing a couple of youtubes to intrigue my readers... the first is the actual movie trailer. The second is a snippet youtube (as I call them) of Arthur's experience in Africa... it's amazing!!! I'll be sharing a few others from time to time. I encourage all of my readers to grab your family members and friends and go see this movie! Enough said for now.........

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