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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A poem I wrote...

Something I wrote a long time ago... December 4th, 2004

I wrote this poem for a little contest that really had nothing to do with writing, in fact, it was for Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup. The rules were to use some of the names of eye colors, blushes, etc. In the original title I used the word "Goddess" instead of "Beauty" because it was necessary to do so "for" the contest.

God prompted me this morning to find this poem and make the correction and enter it into a Poetry Rivals contest. I believe it could be one of the reasons I take so many "mirror" shots...
reflecting. There's even one I snapped which made it into the newspaper around the time I started Project Rewire -- it's similar to my profile pic. It's also posted in one of my entries here way below. Amazing how God brings certain things to our remembrance at certain times. When you need them, or when someone else does. I still have the article in .pdf fotmat -- front page it made. What's funny is I'd totally forgotten about this poem until this a.m. No, I didn't win. Not that I expected to, but the company chose an entry more trendy. Kinda like Jingle Bells -- with the wording changed. Not dissing the writer of that poem, but I wrote this one from my heart -- that's how I write most every word I've ever written. Some people love it about me, while with others it bogs them down and/or gets me in trouble. I write for many reasons... it's just a Jeanne thing. :) Using lavender because March is Epilepsy Awareness Month... Lavender is the cause awareness color for Epilepsy. It is also one of my favorite colors, as was my grandmother's, and is my mother's and my niece's. I've several mirror shots of me, wearing a lavender sweater. Just a coincidence. Maybe, maybe not... in living with Epilepsy there are times one doesn't even recognize the face in the mirror... there are days one looks like oneself and days not so. I'm thankful God looks on the inside of me as do my loved ones.

~ The Beauty Beyond the Looking Glass ~

What lies beyond her looking glass

does truly a beauty make

'Tis not the mere beauty of her face

but a warmth inside her soul it takes

What lies behind her eyes that dream

so genuinely a beauty reveal

'Tis not the color, size, nor shape

but a reflection of true compassion she feels

What lies beneath her surface shows

the gifts each beauty knows

'Tis not the tiara or gossamer gown she wears

but her humor and intuition she shares

What lies inside her heart does tell

the secrets a beauty understands so well

'Tis not what she keeps to herself each day

but the hope and charity she gives away

What lies within her vibrant spirit glows

the enchanting charms of her inner beauty

'Tis not the jewels in her bracelet, ring or lavaliere

but the blessings of grace and trust she bestows

Jeanne Holland Newton

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