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Friday, March 13, 2009

It was great meeting you two!

Just a simple post to my new friends from the triad area of NC... the adorable couple my husband I and met at the Hamlet Depot last Sunday afternoon.

I knew the moment I saw you both run across the field to photograph a train passing by that you were diehard trainiacs. That we were train kindred spirit! Both my husband and I enjoyed your company ever so much. The fellowship was grand. And gosh, the weather couldn't have been more perfect for train chatting and photo taking.

Looking forward to connecting again sometime soon... and take that hike to the trestle! Yes! In the meantime, below is a little slide show of the photos I took. Most were taken when I slipped away on my own, so I'll warn you... all of my pics won't be trains. Hope you enjoy, anyway.

Also, I'm going to include another slide show of a few photos Steve took from the bridge last Autumn -- to give you that interesting perspective I mentioned to you. There will be many shots of me, I must warn you... I've a lavender sweater on, and this is Epilepsy Awareness Month and the "cause" color is lavender, so I figured I might as well, take the opportunity to put a face on Epilepsy, while showing you the bridge perspective. I've one of mine I could have used instead, but there are too many photos of it for you to track through.

Let's stay in touch!! Come back down for some fries! But, let's bring our own buns to be safe. LOL!

These were taken last fall... when I first fell in love with the Hamlet Depot and all of the old trainmen volunteers there, and their remarkable stories!

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