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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This article strikes close to home for me...

From the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal... (thank you Glenn Fenster for sharing this on FaceBook, as you lookout for your son... you lookout for all of us... my deepest appreciation.) Click link to read article in it's entirety. Tip Sheet For Epilepsy Awareness Month:

Seizure-induced brain damage in epileptic patients: A new study published in Neurology by Dr. Neda Bernasconi and colleagues, reveals that patients with medication-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), have progressive atrophy, or loss of cells, in some regions of the brain. This cortical atrophy is distinct from normal aging and likely represents seizure-induced damage...

Really kinda strikes close to home for me... catches my breath in a way. Even the timing. You'll see why in a moment.

From all of the testing my brain has been through all indications are that the misfires I experience stem from the mid-left temporal lobe area. I have no warning signals, but am aware of the impact that stress played when the condition fully manifested three years ago this past January, and how stress continues to kick things up "up there".

Much more I could add, but will spare my readers, and will be going outside soon to re-stain my "bird wall" as I call it in the sanctuary area my husband and I created for me in our yard last summer... just to clear my head and pray for a bit.

This coming Friday a.m. I have a very important MRI at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Medical Center with a consult following with the most wonderful Dr. John DeToledo, Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center there. Please pray for a clear diagnosis. Personally, I'm hoping and praying the MRI will tell my story -- all of it, that NO further diagnostics will be needed, because the next level is a bit scary ... so whatever way God plans to use "medical treatement" to heal me... maybe we can get rolling on it. Like super soon! Since the KeppraXR isn't getting it... and no AED has yet... I'm ready and willing for whatever is necessary to take place to cease seizure activity. The sooner the better for me.

As faith filled as I am, there are times, admittedly, it does get exhausting... add normal life stresses of everyday life... some days are harder than the others.

But, am I daunted?

No. No way... not at all. I claim peace to surround me... envelope me... and I know without a single doubt that God has put me on the path to healing... and wherever it leads me, I'm ready!!! Each step I take He's building my testimony along the way. There are no limits to what God can do... truly!

The little photo in the left hand corner above was taken at the Hamlet Historical Depot -- it's one of many I've worked with my husband to take -- he's still learning to take photos of me, so it's a bit of me being director and a ton of shots to get a good one, but he's getting there. When he catches one, it's a good one. As with other photos in my blog and now on Face Book, I'm gazing into a display case in the museum portion of the Depot... gazing at a Conductor's uniform, similar to one my uncle wore in his years of service to Seaboard Airline and then Seaboard Coastline Railroads. As I gaze, I'm reflecting over my life. Childhood memories. Big life events -- good ones and sad ones... incredibly special people who the Lord has allowed to touch my life... places I've been and lived... even delicious food I've eaten from coast to coast.

Too lazy to add hyperlinks or labels at the moment... but will come back to edit in later. Time for some fresh air and second dose of KeppraXR that isn't doing much of anything. Not sad or whining... it's just the way it is. No drama intended.

The rest of my posts this week will be photo filled slide shows with no talk about me!!! However, if anyone wants to needs encouragement, please feel free to email me via my profile.


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