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Monday, March 9, 2009

Too special to photograph moments God gave...

to me last Thursday and Friday...

Both days were a little rough for me. I'd spent most of my time inside -- in slo-mo trying to snap out of it. Dealing with "cluster" seizures, or what we suspect they could be, and life in general. It was wonderful outside on Thursday... warm... the sky was blue and the winds were fresh and a bit on the gusty side. My husband was off and decided to give our Wax Myrtle trees around our pool a way overdue cutback. Kind of a haircut -- poor things wound up with a high and tight military cut... or classic NCSHP flat top cut. LOL

Late in the afternoon as the sun began moving across our backyard pool area, I finally found the energy to go outside and climbed into one of our deck recliners. Well, I kept moving the chair to follow the sun. Just needed to feel the warmth on my body and face -- soak up some natural Vitamin D. My puppy, Sydney, wanted up in the chair, too, so I was squnched in a weird position to give her room. (Chance was also by my side, on the concrete pool decking -- he rarely leaves my side when I'm going thru extra doses of neuro activity -- in fact that day he tried to bite Sydney twice he felt so compelled to be protective of me -- great example of two things... how sensitive Springers are -- how in tune Chance is to me, and also how God is using my pets to look after me -- to cue me.) Such a blessing!

Anyway, one of my fave things to find in the sky are what I call "day moons". Around here, they're just fantastic because NC skies are amazing!!! Particularly here in the Sandhills. As I was laying in the recliner, just about in a knee tuck position 'cause Sydney is getting so huge and her legs were hanging off as it is, I looked up and between two 60 plus foot high tall pine trees about 10 feet apart... through the blowing branches... I caught sight of Thursday's beautiful day moon as it was just coming into view from hiding out all day on the other side of the planet! Wow!

As the branches blew back and forth, I still kept my eyes glued on it, but somehow was able to also scope in on the beauty of the green pine needle branches swinging back and forth; tossing about in the wind, too. My husband had stopped to rest in a chair beside me for a few, so I asked him if he could see the day moon behind the trees. And, he couldn't... not from his perspective. He contorted a little and was able to catch a tiny glance. After I spent a few long minutes observing the day moon and trees moving action, I told him to sit tight, I was going to run inside to get my camera so I could snap a shot to share right here in my blog. When I came downstairs I could see him pulling my chair back into the sun. I was thankful he cared enough about me to move my chair, but my heart sank for a few because I knew I'd missed taking that shot because the chair had been moved. My vantage point was gone. We tried moving the chair back in place to duplicate it, yet I knew already I'd missed the moment, without even hopping back into it. I tried though, by squnching back down in a similar position. But, yep, it was gone. Couldn't be duplicated. For a little while, I admit it saddened me, because I wanted to share it. Show everyone the beauty of it. One of my dear boy cousins always tells me to keep a camera in my pocket, but I've not quite picked up the habit yet. I may not because I'm learning there are some shots too beautiful to take or share... they're just for the moment. Yet, last forever. Thursday's day moon was just another example, and more confirmation.

God spoke to my heart later as I listened to my music with my face turned to the wall and said something to the effect... some moments are so special, the details so perfect, your spirits needed uplifting... so the day moon behind the tall pine trees that you saw was a photo for your mind... one I gave especially to you. It's a new memory I created inside your brain in that lobe area, a snapshot in time... you not only saw the day moon, you saw the pine trees swaying, the green needles glistening in the sun... the sun through the needles even though you were watching a day moon. And you saw the branches... the various shades of bark and the dimensions and layers of the bark... and still kept your sights on the day moon. You see details that some people see... others don't. You see people that way, too and it helps you understand them... in ways they don't understand themselves at times. It's one of the gifts I've given to you. Something special about you that others can't put their fingers on. You did well to sit in the chair for the five minutes you watched it and not run for your camera. Now, the moment is imprinted not only in your mind, but in your heart, too forever... when you need to build your faith, recall it.

I believe it works that way with people, too. Incredible people like the pastor and his wife I mentioned in my "trestle" post who helped me through that difficult time years and years ago, are imprinted on my heart. I was never meant to stay in that church forever or the town I lived in, but I was meant to meet them... and become a part of things at that church. They changed my life and even after all of these year, I still miss them. I thank God for them. And, pray for them when they come across my mind.

Although it was fleeting, my day moon experience last Thursday is similar. The next a.m. I had a similar experience with a glorious red Cardinal in a bush in my bird sanctuary. The foliage is still very lush and dense. And, deep into the middle of the Wax Myrtle as I gazed outside my kitchen window (which obviously overlooks my sanctuary) I could see the lovely bird, hiding more or less waiting for some other birds to leave before he made he way to his favorite feeders. He knocks down seed for his lady Cardinal partner to eat off the ground. I've even seen him feed her -- seed from his mouth to hers and taken photos of it. It's an amazing act of love and caring... of looking out for his mate. This time, I didn't even try to run for one of my cameras. I just stood and watched as he moved about. This time, I really didn't care about watching the bush -- there was not much wind, just enough so I could hear all of my wind chimes make music -- it's too thick to see the sun through the bush... but the Cardinal I kept my sights on. He remained there. I lingered, but finally had to walk away to do something else. Such a sweet sweet moment!

Another memory captured... an image imprinted into my mind and heart. Confirmation from the day before. I've received so much confirmation on so many things of late... seen God's hand work in my life... so many things He's gifting me with of late -- to help build my faith special miracles that feel as if they're just for me.

Well, it's time to run... have photos to process, but on the top of my list is a new bowl for my sanctuary's birdbath. My old one finally broke over the weekend. It's kind of bittersweet because my sister, husband and I had given it to my dad many years ago... so it's been hard to let go of... we've patched it... sealed it... done all sorts of things to it. But, it literally fell apart on Friday. So, in my heart I know we did all we could to save it, and it's time for a new one. We tried replacing it over the summer three times, and each new bowl part leaked. My husband just ran into the lady that makes them at the courthouse the other day and she told him, she's never ever had that happen before. Interesting, yes?

I believe the original one, the one we'd given my dad, was supposed to enjoy one last year. It wanted to enjoy the birds again and all of the activity like it did for so many years at my parents house. It had not been used since several months before my dad passed away in 2006. Right now, instead of a bowl, I put a large Tupperware cake carrier upside down filled with water as a temporary bath for the birds and they're not liking it. It's unfamiliar to them. Plus, they don't want to sell Tupperware, and I know I'm incredibly good with marketing ~ ha!

To be honest, though, I'm also a wee bit panicked since the Wax Myrtles around my pool area got more of a cutback than they probably needed to -- my husband just gets a bit excessive when he prunes bushes and trees. There's a story behind that, but he'd need his own blog to share it. He gets in the middle and starts chopping away... it takes him back to a place in his childhood when he had fun and it just gets away with him. He's not quite learned to step back to see how much he's cut, he gets so into it. Not complaining, because he does the work.

On the right side looking towards my mother's house on the property behind us... at the moment the Wax Myrtles (what's left of them) are taller than the left side. So, today more cutting back must be done. They must be evened up. Not all landscaping does... but these two rows of trees do! I'm feeling well enough today to be outside the whole day, so I will supervise.

I'm also praying that we've not upset the birds and flow of nature around here. Their habitat. My birds lived in those Wax Myrtles. They're trees one listens to... not watch because they don't blow to and fro... it's why my birds hang out in them. Lots of happy chirping sounds comes from them. Yet, for them to be full and continue to grow healthly they needed pruning. Kinda like God does with us. Laws of nature and all of that stuff.

I'm praying the new bird bath bowl will keep them here, since it took me most of last Summer and Autumn to attract all of the bird families I have now to my sanctuary. I'm concerned their secret nesting places are now exposed to the elements. Yet, I'm trusting God... we've provided much for the birds and they've provided much enjoyment for me, my husband and my Springers love watching them, as do my cats from my screened porch. So today... I'm praying for the birds and a expedient rebirth of foilage on my Wax Myrtles.

In spite of the above... the scent in my yard in incredible today... Wax Myrtles are different than Crepe Myrtles... their foliage carries the scent. The aroma is like heaven on earth as it hangs in the air. So... it's all good... all good!!

Some people have lamps unto their paths... I'm unique enough to have
lamp posts and day moons... hoping that's a good thing!!!

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