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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newsweek on this stands this week!

No no! Not me, but it very well could be! So, including a photo of me to put my face on "E" once again. It will not be the last time, even when I receive a firm diagnosis. Whenever that will be, who knows? Yet, I'm continually working on Project Rewire.

Photo taken in Parkton, NC
on the track owned by the Red Springs & Northern Rail Road
I'm walking at a fast pace because I had a few more photos to snap
before heading to Red Springs to take my first Rail Car (Motor Car) ride, ever!
Very few shots will you glance of me outside without sunglasses on, ever!
It's been that way forever and forever it will remain. I am that light sensitive.

The Newsweek article below strikes un-really close to home for me. For my family members and loved ones who read my blog -- sorry guys, just keeping it real.

Please note for my un-net savvy readers...
The title is the direct link to the article. If anyone feels compelled to buy this week's Newsweek magazine, instead why not donate the money to CURE in my name. Every little bit helps! My sister recently made such a donation and there are simply no words to thank her enough.

In the Grip of the Unknown

It takes courage and discipline to live every day with the haunting uncertainty of epilepsy. A good doctor helps, too.

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