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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heavy Metal, strength & power -- reappearance of my Pink Crocs!

One of my friends and blog readers kind of joked with me about my adoration of heavy metal last week. No, no, no!

Not of heavy metal music, but rather, my love for trains, rails and tracks! So, late last Saturday afternoon I asked my husband to take me down to the Hamlet Historical Depot Museum/Hamlet Crossing to shoot some of the piles of rails they have there and piles of metal parts and pieces. My friend had inspired me, with just two little words used in a totally different context than one would normally suggest they be used. But, I got it! Those two words were all I needed to hear. They gave me energy and a focus I didn't think I could muster.

I'd been dragging all day -- resisting a cold for several days and trying to save my resources for church the next Sunday. We'd already missed three Sundays in a row. Yes, Easter, too. We were not about to miss another. Plus, we had plans to attend a special event out of town directly afterwards. In Red Springs, NC about an hour away. Also, admittedly even though, I've no fear, absorbing the Newsweek article was a great deal to take in. It stung a little. Me, with my atypicalness and number of seizures I've experienced over my life. Well, the stats aren't in my favor. Fortunately, God is bigger than those stats. But, the human in me would surely love to just sit with Dr. Devinsky for a few minutes. Because he understands in a way even other neurologists can't.

With me these days, I truly have to take it a day at a time. If I do a bunch of stuff one day, the next day lately it can become a harder challenge to push myself. Anyway, I sorely needed something to get me moving. Something extra to motivate me. My friend's mention of heavy metal did it! I'd already lost what I thought was the better part of the day.

As we arrived at the HHD/H-Crossing we spent some time talking to a couple of wonderful trainmen volunteers working inside the museum we've gotten to know. I'd taken my old laptop in to show them a few stills I'd taken of the volunteers and also of what will soon become our new hobby... rail car aka motor car riding. They enjoyed the photos. Then, when it was closing time for the museum we went outside to watch for trains.

As I looked around all of the property there, even though the train traffic did get my attention, I was fixated on the oxidizing piles of rails and metal parts and pieces. They kept calling to me. Personally, I find the rusting made the piles, parts and pieces, extremely interesting. I like red rust. On the heavy metal -- it adds character. And, it makes for a nice contrast.

Just about everything outside these days I see, I see as art. No matter where my eyes take me. I view things so differently than I did before Project Rewire. I've always been keenly observant, but now it's taken on a whole new dimension, in a way. It's another one of those I see beauty in the imperfections things, too.

Many of you may look at the slide show below and wonder what in the world is going on in Jeanne's head. Trust me, I'd sure like to know, too! All I know is when I pick up my camera, I can block everything else out. All of the neuro activity I'm usually filtering out by myself, sort of stops for a few. Sometimes I choose to sit on the ground in curious positions out of curiosity... even laying flat, on all fours, or leaning at weird angles, just to snap a shot from a different perspective. It helps me see the world and all the details around me from an interesting point of view. Not from an ordinary view. I'm looking for the extraordinary everywhere I go. Everywhere my eyes take me, these days I look intently. I could go on and on, but this will be 20 pages if I do! So, I'm going to try to keep my rambling on track. ;)

Then, today in processing the photos, all of the heavy metal shots reminded me of God's strength. The large heavy duty rails. The metal parts and pieces. All so very heavy and strong. The last photo of the little power box helped me to recall the power God has given we humans to use here on earth. Although it's a little power box, it amazing the electricity that can flow through such a little box. And, that little power box is solidly attached to a brick wall. Made up of a bunch of bricks offset to make it stronger!

I could side track like crazy on bricks and walls, saving for another trek in some direction. And, metaphorically, I could elaborate about the things I believe God is showing me regarding power and strength. But, today is not a day when my words are flowing easily, so I have to be careful, not to frustrate myself.

In a few of the shots you'll see that the sky is lost. I could have added special effects to paint the sky back in, but who am I to paint the sky back in? I saw the blue and remember it. I enjoyed watching the poofy clouds pass by. Even though neither show up well, It doesn't mean they are not there. Just like God and the promises and gifts He's given us to use on earth. His power, strength and authority. I don't see Him, yet I know He is there for me and for all of you. I don't feel Him, yet I have the faith that He is. As well as I know the tools He's given us to use.

In viewing my photos you'll see that the sun was so bright reflecting off of the heavy metal in several shots. Maybe too brightly in some shots, but see... my mind was fixated on the metal. In several shots I wasn't even holding the camera. I had it setting by itself on another piece of metal somewhere. I wanted to see what the camera saw without my directing it. I had to straighten those shots a little, but also had to make sure not to go too far, or I'd totally skew the photo. I used a few other minimal effects this time on the majority of the photos. So, I tweaked to sharpen a bit, as well as added a touch of shadowing here and there. And, a little fill light on a few where needed. Purposely, I didn't use any filtering effects. I'm still into no edits (as much as possible) and effects only when truly needed. Not to perfect.

So, the better part of the day, actually turned out to be the end of the day. My fave shots are of the metal boxes. My husband likes the close ups of the end of the rail shots, and my friend likes shot 10 and shot 25.

Notice the reappearance of my pink Crocs!!! So glad it is spring and I can wear them again. My signature shoes! After I got motivated, I decided it was time to pull them out and remember the reason for starting Project Rewire. Who knows where those pink Crocs will take me, but one thing I do know, God knows. He'll direct my path.

I do, however, ask for prayer from those of you that pray. However, you feel led.

Thank you, tons.

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