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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Tech University.........

are getting a good man...
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International Expert Joins Newly Formed Department of Neurology at TTUHSC

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Dean Steven L. Berk, M.D., has announced the appointment of John C. DeToledo, M.D., as the chairman for the new Department of Neurology.

The creation of a new Department of Neurology was approved by the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents in May 2008. Berk said DeToledo’s vision will bring exceptional care in the field to this community.

“We anticipate that under Dr. DeToledo’s leadership, the Department of Neurology will bring new treatment methods, expand our research program and train neurologists for the future of West Texas.” Berk said.


Even though he never got back to me as said he would, what I do know is that no acute abnormalities were indicated on my MRI... that's a good thing! Yet, it leaves a pretty big window. But, I choose not to focus on that window. Honestly, I don't really have a concern for what I may or may not have. It's more of an informational thing......... so my testimony will be real, one people can identify with........ medical documentation certainly helps in such matters. At least the way my logical mind thinks, it makes sense.

My appointment with new doctor, Dr. Maria Sam, won't be until June 9th. So... I've another wait ahead of me. Not thrilled, but it's truly fine. As I've known, Wake Forest Baptist Epilepsy Center has been busy to absorbing Dr. DeToledo's vast patient load and care, plus everything else such an absorption involves. I'm on a list for a cancellation and having talked with ever kind, nurse Valerie, we discussed the possibility of my seeing another doctor than Dr. Maria Sam. But, I believe it's in my best interest to wait to see her. She's the one Dr. DeToledo recommended and described as a "digger". Which really appeals to me. In fact, I believe a digger is exactly what I need. I have such respect and confidence in Dr. DeToledo's knowledge -- the wait will be okay.

Am I disappointed he didn't contact me re. my MRI results? Nope, not at all. He told me goodbye, personally, and he did that with a very few patients... feel very blessed because of it. And, honestly, I'm beyond elated for him. That he's focusing on a new future and that new challenges are ahead for him. I'm beyond elated that he'll play the key role of creating the new Neurology Department at Texas Tech University. I know without a doubt he'll help change countless lives. People with Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia......... God just called him to a "higher" purpose.

In the meantime, I've gone back and read through my medical histories -- histories two previous neurologists put together and there are some key errors. I've also dug deep into my memory banks with the help of a few triggers and my mother, and have recalled some stuff that just may prove to be beneficial.

I live in the now, and am hopeful about my future......... but sometimes, the answers... the true keys... lie in the past. I wrote my Pastor a note today and mentioned that I feel the Lord, keeps telling me to go back to what I know. Truly, it's the way to keep things easy for me. It's the way not to lose what I already have, like for instance, although I have a new MacBook, it's really become a new rehab tool for me. In some ways it's easy, but I'm able to do more creative things with a Windows based machine. It's what I'm familiar with -- MS operating systems I've been up close and personal with since... yikes, 1982! I'm faster on it, and don't beat myself up, like I do on my MacBook when it's really designed to be more simple for most folks... the way my brain is wired right now, it's not. Now, the curious thing is that my creative talents are improving. My left brain is in overdrive in the idea factory. My right brain is better, too. Yet, I'm still experiencing 24/7 sensations and episodes. Just makes me a bit more atypically special, I guess. But, what I'm getting out of it, is a killer new laptop. Don't like the vulnerabilities to viruses that come along with MS, but will make sure to keep it protected, and auto updated, kinda like God does with me -- when I allow Him, too. Much comes down to a choice.

Yet, More than ever, whatever seizure condition, neuro condition, whatever the heck it is... I'm certain I've had episodes all of my life, however, as I've said before, I've just learned to push past, cope and adapt. Even though pushing past and coping isn't quite as easy as it used to be (age plays a role; life in general plays its own role), I'm confident, I'm on the path to healing... and that God is directing everything.

Even during the times I feel like I have no one... I know God is in all of this... He is working actively in my life... putting all of the pieces together... building my testimony.

I just need to be patient, remain hopeful and keep the faith. And, everything in perspective!! Keeping walking and living in the now, yet focusing ahead. And putting whatever bits and pieces together I can about my medical history. For somone healthy for all intents and purposes, there's been a lot of junk in that area. But, whatever!!! Whew!

Enough of that stuff. Next who knows how many entries will be photographic......... phoetry-o-graphic......... involving fun and beautiful things I see with my green eyes. All sorts of things! A new hobby called Railcar riding......... and a new membership in the Red Springs & Northern Railroad for my husband and I. Wonderful new people from various backgrounds sharing something in common, and another train station for me. This one the exact opposite of the Hamlet Historical Depot. It's not pretty yet, but it's immensely loved by many. They've poured their hearts and souls into it, along with having some awesome fun at the same time. What a combo! And, the stories... even the railcars have stories. But, that's a whole 'nuther blog entry. Perhaps, even another blog! We shall see.

Still making some changes here -- switching out photos on the right column, etc. Adding notes. What nots. Thought about going to Word Press because of the page feature. Even researched it a bit today (when I should be doing other things), but I also like to do research in between other things -- keeps the brain working. It's learning to multi-task again.

However, soon will be blogging for a certain puppy named Sydney via Word Press. Sydney is taking her love affair with a certain Cairn Terrier, by the name of Toby, public soon. Living apart is hard for them, so writing back and forth will help them. Recently, I had an opportunity to meet two wonderful men with the North Carolina Museums Council -- one by the name of Rusty is an artifact handler. He told me that the most valuable artififact ever is a letter. So, Sydney and Toby are on the right track -- just using a hi-tech method.

Right now, like with my MacBook and new Windows laptop, I want to become proficient on both. Not lose anything in between, nor get stuck in the middle. Yet, at the same time, I need to be careful not to take on too much. The cool thing is that the new laptop will buy me some time back, because this poor Vaio, is so slow. Yet, I still love it. It's been such a great friend and partner.

A quick apology to Sir Sir and my cousin, the skippidy gifted one on the right coast....... I think you two have been waiting for me to come through on my end of the Sydney/Toby affair, I'm there! Just a little life got in the way, and I've been learning some new stuff along the way. Still making contacts. Much in part with the help of another cousin on the left coast. One of my best friends, ever.

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