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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Angel Power.........

I'm mesmerized by various types of power lines and poles. I'd been noticing the "angel" power towers for quite some time, and snapped these on the way back from my first railcar ride at a privately owned railroad run by a group into motor car riding. More about that group later. In fact, I'm one of them now, as is my hubby.

On our trip over on Saturday, I was hoping the lighting would be nice for our return trip home. Praying it would be just right. Well, I couldn't have ordered up more beautiful dusk skies. With Easter upon us... "Holy" week, I felt now couldn't be a more appropriate time to share my new "Angel Power" series.

For me, I must admit, it's personal. I've been praying about several things lately. Family illnesses, safety for my hubby -- a common prayer for me, intervention and healing for others, and blessings for many. Of course, my causes, passions and missions. Just a tiny bit about myself -- still wanting answers as to whatever in the world is going on with my brain, but more for my loved ones about it. Their concerns and anxieties. And, how I need to be kinder.

Sometimes it's truly difficult to see God and hear God... especially when one receives no definitive answers......... yet, it's during those times that "no response" is the answer one needs to hear. Whether it's comfortable or not. Whether it's the answer one truly believes one is seeking. Sometimes... no response is hurtful, yet it depends on perspective, as all things do.

To me, it can mean God is indeed working behind the scenes, most often in ways we can't begin to understand, yet imagine. During the "waiting" process, it's time to hold tight to faith, hope and love, our confessions of faith, because "our" answers aren't just answers to our prayers alone -- other prayers are going up -- other needs to be met -- and God is the one who puts everything together in His perfect order. When we pray for His perfect will. Even times when we don't, He's there -- we must be cautious, though, not to stumble others, or ourselves.

God has the power, and He uses his angels, his ministering spirits to work on our behalf to cause the answers to our prayers to come to us. And, when we don't have the wisdom to pray correctly......... He's made provision(s) for that, too......... in the persons of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. The risen one!

Angel power
against the pastel end of the day skies
happy the moon has arrived to give them much needed rest

...Taken with all of my friends, loved ones and family in my mind and heart...


Always Smiling said...

I love your pictures, the power lines really do look like angels, amazing how God speaks to us

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix! I've never commented before, but the tall one is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I will never look at electricity towers the same way again.

Thank you for posting your pictures.

ppcjeanne said...

Thank you Always Smiling... you always make me smile. :)

ppcjeanne said...

Wow! It's nice to see some readers have figured out how to use the Anonymous comment feature!

Whoo hoo!!! It's designed for people who don't necessarily want to have a Google Account, and for those who may be timid about commenting perhaps because of the stigma of a seizure condition or another illness. Or, possibly are reluctant due to a religious belief, or lack there of. Regardless......... it's a handy feature, I may post about it or put instructions in my right hand side panel soon.

Anyway, thanks! One comment makes my day and wordy me writes 500 words back. Hey, it's a Jeanne thing. Always working those words to make sure they stay.

Hugs to the commenters.

Jeanne Holland Newton

ppcjeanne said...

Ooops, hugs to the readers, too -- who don't leave comments but send me notes often, and to the ones who don't comment -- I so get it. No biggie.