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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To E2, the one with his own image in his......

sunglasses of himself, of himself, etc. ;)

Two things quickly. Youtube of the song I mentioned to you!

Play it! Get it into your spirit, but confess with your (mouth) tongue that He Reigns as you drive to your visit today! There's more, but for now... this is all I feel compelled to share due to time constraints and privacy issues. You're being prayed for as is your lovely wife. Since she and I share a similar condition, I believe I may know how she may be feeling. And, she and I both know what stress "triggers" can do. Not fun manifestations. Oy-veying experiences.

Creating a label just for you, dude! One never knows, I may be putting up more stuff from time to time. Encouraging words, photos you might enjoy that sort of thing, plus it's the least I can do for one of my faithful readers and his wonderful helpmate.

P.S. Oh! And, should you read this after your visit, please keep "those" words on your tongue, fella -- and coming outta your mouth! They're words of life. :)

Remember to find something fun to do today, too! If you can include L and Fred, too!


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