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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photos and Blessings... answers to Prayers....

and Recovery!! As in my entire photo collection was almost lost, like forever! Whew! Even the thought gives me the willies, but it's all better now... thank the Lord above!

I've deliberately NOT mentioned it here because in spite of the challenges in my life and the lives of my loved ones, I want to always keep things real, yet... inspire and share good words when I'm not directing focus towards my causes.

A week ago, last Monday a,m. I discovered that the device I use to back up all of my photos (in hi res) file directory got trashed. It was just one of those flukey things that can happen. I'd planned on working on a project for someone, yet instead felt compelled to make my last blog entry. Stayed up half the night writing it because my words weren't flowing so hotly, which for me means, I'm going to press on and write. It's one of the ways deal. And, admittedly, I was having a great deal of neuro activity... my mindset was NOT to give into it. When I got up the next day, actually just a few hours later, I plugged in my mini drive and knew I had a big problem. So, I went through some simple trouble shooting steps.

My two XP machines could see the drive, but no volume. Both gave me the same error message that my directory or file system was corrupted or unreadable. My new Vista laptop couldn't see it at all. Now, what's interesting is that my MacBook could see the drive, read the volume capacity, and space available. Fortunately, it wasn't making any grinding sounds and the red and blue lights were flashing (when it could be seen). So, right off the bat, the little bit of a geek in me, knew there was hope. Yet, it admittedly it did cause me to become quite emotional for quite a few hours. Why? Because the device contained all of the photos I've taken since I picked up my camera last summer. The photos, are in fact, steps to my healing. Each shot has played a role. Also, the drive held all of Sydney's puppy shots as well as many of the photos others have gifted me with this past year.

One friend in particular had shared photos he'd taken last year as a ship captain cruising to Alaska of fantastic eagles and other amazing animals and nature. In his collection he'd included some other beautiful pics he'd taken from other places in the world. Now, losing such a wonderful collection from kindred spirit of mine, hurt. He's a poet and a writer, loves the beach and flying in crazy contraptions. He's become a special person to both my husband and I. Just one of those people you meet one time and you know you'll be forever friends. And, of course, losing Sydney's hi-res shots hurt. Badly!!! I mean like, big time! Those are just a couple examples of some of the files I had stored on the device. I'd spent some time a couple of days before getting things organized. Had a bit to go in preparation of backing it up onto another, larger, fire wire external drive. This was one of those "provoked" mood swing situations, which for me and the "E" thing... not such a good thing. So, I had to fight not to become overwhelmed or overcome. Instead, I did my best through the tears to hang on to God's peace and not to be robbed of my joy... it was a process... yet, I didn't lose focus.

Well, much prayer went up about my problem. Seriously, from around the country. I already knew the odds were in my favor that they or most could be recovered, yet by whom? After talking with tech support they offered to replace the drive (which I'll be taking them up on!) and suggested I carry it to the Geek Squad to crack upen. Ummmm... nothing against the Geek Squad, but there was no way I'd trust such a task to a squad who can't relate to me or would be sensitive to how important my photo collection is to me. Often, people already raise their eyebrows at me when I speak up to tell them about Epilepsy and how God is healing me... so, I felt no leading whatsoever to go in that direction. Admittedly, I did call them, but their disclaimers, no guarantees, and telling me how they couldn't help me, kinda turned me off. Plus, they wanted to open the drive. Not a safe image in my mind. Like, no way will that be happening. In an odd way, that was confirmation of the direction NOT to go into (even though I already knew it ~ LOL!)

So, anyway, my husband and I began networking locally and seriously, prayer was going up across the USA about my problem. People who know me personally or have met me on FB and are aware of what those photos mean to me we're praying. People who don't really know me were praying, too.

Well, God delivered up the most incredible "geekster" to help me. He couldn't be more perfect or more gifted, or caring. There's much he, his wife, and my husband and I share in common, so I believe for sure we'll stay in touch once the recovery is completed.

See... to recover photos and files, it takes a long long time and one must be patient, or otherwise, the story would not have a happy ending. I don't know how long his computer at home had to run to get the first portion of the recovery completed, but this second portion, it's having to run 75 hours non stop. It's not done yet. However, he calls to give me progress reports because without my even telling him, he's aware I'm not taking photos right now. And, he understands how important it is that I do. I've also got some projects hanging in limbo at the moment, but... truly I believe God wanted me to devote my attention to a few other things at the moment. So, I've honestly had peace about it.

Down the road, I am hoping one day to possibly set up a website so things will be a bit more organized, but now isn't the time for it. Praying Google will at least introduce a pages feature soon, to help people like me with a variety of interests appear a bit more organized. In real life I'm not as scattered as I project in Project Rewire. I've a couple of causes, lots of interests, and am interested in outreaching, in uncommon ways. Yet, I'm waiting on God to give me some clear signals, words and confirmation(s). Which I'm happy to report, He is doing.

What's wonderful is that even in the position I'm in... being practically homebound, God is blessing me with unique opportunities to reach out to individuals one on one, in person and on the net, intercede in prayer and when the door opens, to share how He's building my testimony. How it will all come together... who knows? It's up to Him not me. I continue to pray for divine appointments and connections, and honest to goodness, I've had some of the most incredibly unique encounters lately... way too much to share!

Thanks to our new friend "EF" for coming to my rescue!!

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