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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First day of Summer and Summer begins a new life.........

~......... Meet Summer .........~

Our NC/SC ESRA coordinator contacted me Tuesday a.m. early to see if my husband and I could pull a Springer in need from a shelter in Chesterfield, SC. The timing was right, yay! For the first time ever! So, we hopped right on it and within 30 minutes we were on the road to retrieve her. She's a heart melter and will be my very first foster.

When my husband went to leash her, she was totally submissive; didn't cower nor react with fear. It appeared to be more of relief and thankfulness. Before we left home we'd discussed whether to bring a crate, but my coordinator sent me a few photos of her in the shelter. I could tell she wouldn't be a problem; that she was a sweet girl. So, I passed on the crate idea. And it very well may have intimidated her anyway. All we did to prepare was to put a fluffy fleece comforter in the back seat of our SUV and grab a collar and leash, some fresh water and some crunchies. From the moment she jumped into our car she made herself comfortable. Right away she wanted to come up front with me to ride in my lap, but she was covered in fleas, so I couldn't allow it. I told her "no" softly and she got it.

As we went down the road, I'd reach back and pet her and talk sweetly to her. She loved it. She'd stick her pretty head between the front seats every few minutes to get some extra loving TLC and took a couple of naps in between. Quite literally, she smiled at me time and time again. I was trying to resist naming her, so I wouldn't bond, but tossed that idea out of the window like lightening. I am SO easy! I bond easily with animals and with people. Rescues of all sorts are just in my heart.

I looked at her coloring and she's a beautiful Tri colored Liver and White with the most golden vivid polka dots above her goldish amber eyes. At first I thought "Amber" would be a good name, then "Autumn" came to my mind. However, since it was the first day of Summer and here I was with this beautiful Springer starting a brand new life (now that she's in ESRA's loving hands), the name "Summer" came to my mind. It couldn't be a name more fitting than and it certainly suits her personality, too. It's also my fave time of the year. Plus, her name now becomes a part of her new story. One she will carry with her.What could be more perfect?

I'll be adding more to Summer's story as we go along, but she's been fully assessed and vaccinated. She's Heart Worm positive, and has what's called a "cherry" eye that will need to be repaired. She'll also need to be spayed. I'd guessed she was around three or four years old. And, I was right! She's also had a least one litter of puppies, I suspect, in the last year. Perhaps, even the last six months. This is something I'll be confirming with the vet, purely out of curiosity and to see if I can still 'read' a dog, like I believe I can. Oh and her teeth, they're pretty and white! So, something went wrong, or perhaps for her sake, went right!! Everything in life depends on perspective and perception. And, I'm going to do my best with my husband's help to make sure Summer's perception of life and humans are all GOOD!!!

After two weeks on Doxycycline, we'll start her Heartworm treatment. Once she has completed the treatment, she'll be spayed and her eye will be repaired. On my end, I'm going to my best to build her up. I feed my dogs Innova, it's an excellent "holistic" type food. Plus, I'll be giving her two teaspoons of Red Star Yeast in her food daily, along with 1/4 teaspoon 2x daily of Transfer Factor "H" human grade, and a couple of Oil of Evening Primrose Caps. All work together along with her diet to build up her immune system and make her healthy. The Oil of Evening Primrose will bring down the inflammation from the heartworms. In fact I use it myself for some of the neuropathic stuff I have going on beyond the Epilepsy. It's actually better than Vitamin E, if you happen to be a vitamin taker. So, I'm expecting to have Summer with me for at least two months. From there she'll be available for adoption, yet... I don't know, there's a reason God sent her to me. I'm not sure whether we're to become her forever family, yet I believe if God has a special family for her. Perhaps a special person living in NC. I just have one of my vibes and a little vision. ;)

Summer is very bright. She knows "no" as I mentioned above. She knows "come". We stopped at a park in Aberdeen, NC on our little journey to All Pets Vet Hospital in Sanford, NC. It was time for a break to water and walk her and I wanted to make sure it was in a nice spot with trees and away from the highway.

Summer walked perfectly on the leash as if she'd been on one many times before. She enjoyed her refreshing drink. Wasn't afraid in the least. And you can see from the photos below, that she's a ham for the camera, too. She just smiled herself silly and was amazingly content and comfortable.

I see no signs of abuse in Summer, like I still do with Chance. Sometimes such imprinting never goes away. Obviously, she's a Springer that was truly loved. Something must have happened to part her from her loved ones. Whether she got lost, or the economy has played a role, only the Lord knows. She's not an owner drop off. And her coat does appear as if it had been clipped down her back. Although, she had never been spayed, perhaps she was used to breed and got away. Or, her owners couldn't afford to spay her. I don't know, but what I do know, she's going to have an excellent life now. And deserves nothing less.

Summer is so calm and loving, she'd make a wonderful therapy dog. Or, a dog for a senior couple. I'm thinking she'd fit in well with kids, too. The conditions at the shelter were as best as could possibly be. The manager sorely has a heart for animals. And, although the kennels are outside, they're all covered and shaded. It's a pitiful sight, yet, the manager is doing all he can for the animals there. There was evidence that the kennels had just been washed out and there wasn't that icky kennel smell that some shelters have. He and I discussed a dog he's trying to help there with Demodex, and he brought me into a little office on the grounds with a fridge and pulled an antibiotic out of the fridge to show me. The fridge was clean and neat as as could be. That shows that the shelter manager is dedicated to his job, and I could tell it's "his" calling.

Summer was in a kennel with 7 other dogs and there were many other dogs at this shelter. Many cats, too. What amazed me about the cats is that the manager has hooded cat boxes in each of the cages. That's truly remarkable. He's also extremely hands on, and he's a person I'll be networking with, perhaps he's another divine connection. There's some information I'll be passing on to him that we discussed as to how to treat Parvo and some other alternative/holistic type treatments I'm aware of that he can use. He's so willing to do whatever he can for the animals at the shelter, we just couldn't have encountered a more remarkable fellow. He also fosters animals himself... that speaks volumes. Plus, he made it easy for ESRA... some shelters aren't always so accommodating for rescue groups. So, in essence he's the one who we owe a dept of gratitude to... he's played a key role in giving Summer a new life! God bless him!

Okay... here are a few photos. Now, remember, Summer is straight from the shelter in these pics... look at that smile!! And, please don't look at my crazy wild hair that day! I know... I know... vanity always plays a role with me. Hey, I'm a girl, it's in my DNA!

We'll be heading up the road to pick up Miss Summer tomorrow a.m. and will stop by PetSmart on our way up to buy her a new bowl. We've toys galore here, so no need for those. Stay tuned for more photos, we'll be celebrating Sydney's birthday on Saturday and our new addition. Party hats for all of the dogs. I'd never try to putting one on my cats, nor myself. If life stays calm... I may shoot a little video, too! We shall see...

I didn't mean to cut off her nose, fortunately it didn't spite her face.
Hi def format 16:9 on the vertical is tricky with moving Springers...

Summer warming up to whom she didn't know would become her new foster dad!
Puddy in her paws.

She's a happy girl... I mean me!
I remember when my hair was auburn and curly like Summer's ears! Oh my!

I'm telling Summer she's a pretty girl and a good girl, she is loving it!
I'm soooo over due for a trim and a highlight. OMG!

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