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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A reminder of God's promises...

I took a bit of a break from taking photos. Too much to tell as to all of my reasons for choosing not to snap photos for awhile, but yesterday, I got in the groove again. Yes!! This is just a quick slide show of a double rainbow I captured over the WalMart store in Rockingham last evening. I've seen triples and even once a quadruple in Seattle once, but I'll take a full bow rainbow any ole day, any ole place!

Who would have ever thought that the end of the rainbow could be found at WalMart??? And you know what? The editor of the Richmond County Daily Journal was so kind he's featuring one of these shots in the "online" version of the paper... sweet! As far as which shot... giving into modesty. I know... I know... as much as I blab in this blog, Southern genteel women never tell all. ;)

Will be updating re. my neuro visit soon. Just bopped in to share the bow. Gotta scoot!

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