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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I will pick up Project Rewire again very soon...

If you scroll to my my last post "here", you will see it was on March 15th.  Instead of continuing on with my ongoing efforts to fight for the Chesterfield 22+ here, I created a new blog called Watchdogging for Justice that's for the cause.  Since Project Rewire is where I share my personal life experiences in living with Epilepsy.

If you're an animal lover, or have a heart for animals, please join me there and add your follow.  Although its being circulated around the U.S. most of the comments I receive are behind the scenes.  There are people in or nearby Chesterfield who are hesitant to follow publicly.  It's a little distressing, but I understand.

Here's the actual header image.  To learn more about it's meaning, please visit by clicking the link below the muddy paw print:

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