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Friday, April 22, 2011

Peace. Tranquility. Harmony. All alive and well for PetFest @ Hinson Lake, Rockingham, NC

Peace, tranquility, and harmony may seem elusive at times, but they are always there for the taking.  It's important to seek and seize the opportunities.  Admittedly, that's something I forget to do at times, depending on what has my attention and/or focus.  This I say knowing fully well what captures my attention and focus can be all consuming.  That's a big problem I have, unless I temper it into an asset. 

As one who has been deemed by neuro expert brain mapper types as grossly non A.D.D. I have an understanding of the problems and the assets of an all consuming state of mind.  It can work for you.  It can work against you.  No one want's to hear they are grossly anything.  Fortunately, the connotation becomes tolerable in the knowing and understanding.  Once I got past the "grossly" part, it's helped me gain some insight into what makes me tick.  If you've never heard the term before, being grossly non A.D.D. means one fixates easily.  Add the fact, that I'm pretty darn sure I was that way before Epilepsy fully manifested in 2006.  I see now in looking back over my life at times mini fixations were actually absence seizure.  How enlightening it was to finally know that. 

Now, when and if my heart is tied to whatever "it" is, I give over to the fixation all the more.  During both of my careers, it was a great asset to a certain degree.  But, there is a danger sign out there, I've been known to push past.  It was always a good deal for my employers.  Yet, for me as an individual, in my last couple years working, it proved not to be the most wise thing I've ever done in my life.  I'm there now again and see the sign in my face.  Hence, part of the reason for this blog post.  I'm documenting the fact that I see the sign!  And, I'm going to take note that there is danger ahead for me physically.  If, I don't take heed.  Last time I didn't, it very much gave ground to a round of cluster seizures that lasted a full six weeks and changed my life possibly forever. 

Sometimes we literally have to make ourselves stop, look, and listen face forward and sit a spell.  Or, stand still blocking out everything except for what's before our eyes and being streamed into our auditory system.  Without taking such a breather, it's difficult to see we're possibly under our own spell.  A spell driven by our reactions, emotions, thoughts and feelings about the things in life that touch our hearts the most.  In doing so we can allow nature and its beauty to refocus our thoughts.  To completely quiet ourselves. we can't just go through motions half way.  Or, from any other angle than spend a few moments doing something healthy for ourselves.  To shut down the thoughts in the forefront of our minds, removing our attention from anything else doesn't take much work when you commit yourself to it.  It only takes a second or two, if we realize we're the ones that have the key to the such moments, so nature can do its thing.  True, those moments when spontaneous can be utterly spectacular.  Yet, only if we recognize those them for what they are.  The joy of such moments is unspeakable.  One example is below which is an aerial I shot from my husband's and my powered parachute.  It was an early morning flight on July 5, 2011 and the ground fog was breathtaking from the air over Hamlet, NC.  However, this particular shot captured what our eyes weren't able to grasp.  Spectacular became magnificent.  And together my husband and I still are basking in the memory of that flight.  It was that perfect. 

Those moments are rare, so, why not create some awesome joy filled moments, when they're there for the taking?  It can be a simple as looking up at the sky when the clouds are moving.  Or, watching a hummingbird in motion, or sitting on a tree limb in the mist of an irrigation system, like I did on Tuesday.  Who knows how long the effects will last when captured in your memory banks?  When you re-live special moments in your mind, your body has the ability to re-live the feeling again.  Why not put it to good use?  Then, give yourself credit for knowing you needed them, and your rose to the occasion for you?  

I believe these Canadian Geese understand it.  They chose to be still to enjoy their time together on a lovely Spring afternoon at Hinson Lake.  As they stood amidst the lily pads amongst many humans and dogs passing by they appeared to cherish their special time.  And this they did in spite of the sounds of the PetFest event and several families nearby simply visiting for the fishing.  They stood secure in the fresh Spring breeze and warm sunlight, rather than fly away, and miss their moment to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. 

Lessons we can learn from nature are numerous, if we only look for and capture them into our psyche.  If you're anything like me, the thoughts in the back of your mind, influence your "now" thought life, too.  All of the self chatter relevant to our nows, including our "what to do nexts", and our ongoing evaluation of ourselves.  Which basically, all involve our life in general and where the two meet within us in our minds.  Personally, the only way I've found on the planet that I can really block 99% of "it" out, is looking through a camera's view finder.  I can shut the world out for the most part.  Along with it the unique nuances that makes living life with my brain out, too.  I live for those face forward soak it up moments.  Yet, I neglect at times to prioritize them into my life.  

I've not been totally lost to what's held my attention for weeks on end now, but it's almost like everything else has been from a distance.  I can hear the birds singing in the background as I've networked, and look at them through my kitchen window.  I have seen the blue skies and fluffies through a skylight in the next room.  I have peeked out through my bedroom window to catch the sun on the rise in the mornings.  And through my kitchen or living room window as it sets in the evenings.  However, I've not spent much time the past few weeks demonstrating any elation over Spring's arrival.  Nor, documenting it.

My non-professional, non-amateur, just me taking photos my way thing and processing them, is a key element to Project Rewire, just as much as writing is.  It has been back burnered deliberately, but the two need to go together to be the most effective, which is one of the reasons, I blog.  All work together as a form of rehab therapy to create new connections, and re-route neuro transmitters in areas in my brain that are either, damaged due to lesions, or mis-fire.

Aside from the fact it is so contrary to what I believe about what's healthy for me, personally, it's important not to miss Spring!  Spring is a change of the seasons I look forward to every year.   And not capturing the first signs of Spring here at home, or at any of my favorite places in Richmond County, such as the Hamlet Depot area.  Well, it's almost unforgivable.  I can't go back and take photos of Spring's arrival to share here, or on All Aboard Hamlet.  All I can do is pick up now, and not forget to take time to use the techniques God gave me to keep the rewiring project ongoing.  And me, more human.  Taking time to stop to find and absorb the peace, tranquility and harmony offered by nature compliments of our Father above, is a big part of it.

Spring gives the three an opportunity to be seized a little easier.  All many of us need to do is open our eyes to view the sights around us.  Spring in its splendor of colorful new beginnings, and dormant coming to life again can be seen everywhere in my backyard.  Both literally and in my regional back yard.

For both my husband and I due to issues with me, my mother and our household of rescues, it's important to discover and enjoy those nearby places that really show the seasons off.  The little hop, skip and jump spots from our home that offer a venue for a few moments of solitude for me with my camera as we wander within my husband's watchful eye.

Hinson Lake in Rockingham, is one of those places for us.  It's a beautiful little scenic secret we small town America dwellers in Richmond County are blessed to have.  This past Sunday Richmond County Humane Society held their PetFest food drive/spay neuter awareness event there.  Thankfully, they had the forethought to watch the weather and reschedule the event from Saturday to Sunday.  The Richmond County Daily Journal did a bang up job getting the word out about the change, and to further promote the event.  From the numbers of humans and dogs participating, it appeared to be a very successful event.  It was our first PetFest, and I couldn't be more pleased with how wonderfully organized the event was.  Happy faces were everywhere and no one was in a hurry.  Dogs of all sizes.  From the tiniest fit in one hand Chiuaua to a perfectly behaved Mastiff .  We were surrounded in harmony and it felt good.

Rather than take photos of the event, since it had been before March 4, 2011 (The day the news broke about the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter Atrocities) I focused myself and my camera toward peaceful, tranquil and harmonious sights.  Thanks PetFest for giving my husband, myself, and Roxy that welcomed opportunity to take a break, and to support the shelter animals at the same time.


To those of you who read this entry, seek peace, tranquility and harmony where ever you can find it.  When you find those places and moments, savor them, because they'll give you memories to fall back on when you need a break.  When you remember a moment, your body, mind and spirit has the ability to re-live that moment.  It can help settle you in stressful times, as well, as renew yourself with positive energy.

I leave you with just a few of my welcomed moments of peace, tranquility and harmony ala Hinson Lake, Rockingham, NC

I learned something from these two on Sunday afternoon.  Being still is not a problem of mine.  But, being still completely in the moment, is definitely something I need to work on regardless of my surroundings, or what's happening in my world, or in the world, it's a must. These are stressful times across the world.  Challenges are everywhere.  Horrific events are happening worldwide and have been forever.  As caring humans we can't help but feel it.  As caring humans beings we can't help but want to help.  But, it's like with those of us in canine rescue, we can't rescue them all, and we know it.  It hurts.  It sucks.  But, together one by one we can make a difference and save lives, in order to give new lives to deserving dogs.  We can't help everything, every cause and everyone, but we can make difference in "our world' and in our "backyards".  Because a day will come when our backyard is the world. 

My wishes and prayers for all who read this entry...





Jade said...

Beautiful writing, stunning photographs makes for a really lovely and inspiring post to read :)

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

The aerial shot of the trees in the mist is gorgeous and Roxie is just beautiful!

Frankie suffers from partial complex seizures, especially when she over does it or gets aggravated. After a spell she'll recover just enough to overdo it again and we have to force her to relax. Family road trips always do the trick and we get some beautiful photos, to boot.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. the certification process for the new job has kept me buried in paper work and conference calls. Training for three days next week followed by a certification exam and, hopefully, I'll get a break after that. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to be working on a couple of forms right now so I'd better get to it!