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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two flights down, would there be more to come?

that would be a big YES!

I still have some adjusting to do, and doubt I'll ever be comfortable. Who would want to be anyway? But, I am enjoying the time I'm spending in the air. I would have never dreamed aerial photography would be something I would get into. But, I had to get back up in the sky to even know it. It certainly has the potential to become somewhat of a passion to me. I can feel it happening! In this "digi" day everyone has become a backyard photographer. Me, too! Some of that's coming... however, taking my backyard photography-ing from ground level up to various altitudes in a hot pink flying machine, has been some kinda fun! It's definitely a unique thing for a gal living with a unique brain in a small not so unique NC town.

I'm also getting into snapping shots of the sky from the ground. I've always been fascinated by watching the sky. The way it changes moment by moment. I remember cloud watching as a little kid with my granddad on the front porch of the house where my dad was born. I also remember watching their reflection as they moved across the lake behind the house I grew up in at the beach. As a teen in my daily trek to school, I watched them floating above the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. During my years in Seattle, the skies there... oh my! They are the bluest ever when they're not gray. With the Olympic mountains on one side, the Cascades on the other, the Puget Sound and Lake Washington the setting is killer for sky watching. I received many "rainbow" gifts when living there... I caught doubles many times, a triple on a couple of occasions, and once even a glorious quadruple. And today, where I live in NC, we are blessed with gorgeous sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. So incredible, only God could be the artist.

As the sun was setting August 16, 2008 I saw castles in the sky!
We didn't fly that day due to the winds, with a sky like that, did it even matter? No way.

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