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Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh no! Not lefthanded writing on my white board...

I've felt compelled to begin writing on my white board... the one I keep in my bedroom... next to my new workspace... with my left hand!!! Oh have mercy! I'm right handed and in all of my neuro testing... I'm so right, I lean!! But, I'm not daunted. When I was in elementary school I was always somewhat of a teacher's pet. The good girl. And, I got to sit in front of Mrs. Hughes (my fave teacher ever!) third grade class and take names whenever it was "rest" time. If I saw someone passing notes, or whispering, when they should have had their heads down... onto the blackboard I'd write their names.

Well, it was kinda boring up there. Didn't like everyone's eyes on me, plus it put me in a tough position with my peers. Not fun atol! Yet a hugely important learning lesson... one that would get me far when it came to managing and working with my peers and other people in the workplace. Sorry for the side trip... happens these days. Too much... anyway, I was also a bit chubby... so you get the picture. I needed to distract myself and make it fun, all the while having a job to do. So you know what I did? I began writing names with the chalk in my lefthand. Amazingly, I did a good job of it. Now, on paper, it was a whole 'nuther story. It didn't look quite as pretty. Yet, I practiced that, too. My goal at 8 years old in that class was to become
ambedextrous. Well, nowadays... that's my goal for my brain, too. I do believe it's God's desire for me, because I feel inspired to write my prayer list... the one I keep on my white board... in my room... beside my new workspace... left handed.

I'm also thinking I need to learn a foreign language, such as French. Not sure where I'll plug in the time to do it. Maybe while I sleep. Or in the background when I'm working with photos, like I do with my praise music. Going to think on it a bit. What's funny is I took several years of Spanish. Remember a few words... but in that same third grade class we had French lessons... to this day, I remember every single word. So, I'm seriously going to consider re-introducing myself to it. Not to speak publicly such as in a French restaurant, but more to exercise my brain. I've some French ancestry... so there may be something to it. Might just be a natural language for me. Scottish and Gaelic is, too... as well as Native American and English, that would be Old English from my father's side... so not quite sure about that. Ha!

It's all kinda funny when I think about it. But you know what? I believe soon my brain will function in the perfection to which God created it to function... maybe even better than it ever has before!! That's faith talking!

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