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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Grace! It's a new day...

Even though here on the East coast of the USA it's still dark outside, I see light... light beaming from a beautiful photo hanging on my bedroom wall taken by my cousin with me in mind during a hike on Mount Rainier in Washington State. It's a stunning shot taken at dusk with the silhouette of a giant Douglas Fir on the left side with its limbs reaching towards the setting sun as if to say goodnight... "looking forward to seeing you almost this same time tomorrow at dusk". See my cousin knows, dusk is one of my favorite times of the day. Just as my husband knows I love to watch the sunrise and the crash for awhile afterwards. There's a reason for that but sparing everyone from extraneous Project Rewire "cause" chat in this blog post. Hey, I heard everyone say "yay!"... LOL!

Now, what's unusual is when I see that light reminds me of God's grace... something I learned much about from a very special pastor many years ago. Every time I play one particular song by Mercy Me... I always think of that special pastor -- he had both the heart and eyes of Jesus. And, both he and his wife's hands were always outstretched to their
parishioners giving light to their lives, sowing good good stuff into them. I've never forgotten their kindnesses to me. I learned much about going through difficult times back then, some of my most difficult ever... but that pastor and his special wife gave me a certain type of caring that helped me tap into God's strength. Strength I've remembered quite often in dealing with every battle I've ever experienced since.

Grace was also the name of my sister, although we called her Gay and she had a temper... grace she had all about her. She was one special person!! Ten years older than me, but she didn't care. She took me almost everywhere with her.

Grace is also a gift I ask God for almost daily... not the kind He freely gives to us... but the kind I want to give to others a special "human grade" God kind of grace... I refuse to let anything else get in my pathway to it... with grace in hand, operating in my life... there is nothing on this planet I can't get through... the same goes for my readers, too... family, new or old friends, acquaintance or stranger... it doesn't matter.
God's grace is at hand... Grace Abounds!

Here's a youtube of the song I mentioned above... one day, I will make my own, that'll be the first thing I do once I get typing on this MacBook down!

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