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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mushy Wednesday morning thank you...

for an amazing yesterday!!!

Firstly, no phone call received re. my MRI results, just taking it from the Lord... and being patient. I will hear from them. Whether via phone call or letter (as they commonly do when scheduling appointments)... what will be will be. MRI was already performed. I suspect highly it's been read... so it's merely a matter of timing. I only want God's timing in this matter... believe me!

Secondly, no phone call from the NETGEAR people re. the router I returned to Best Buy yesterday. NETGEAR = bad experience... Best Buy = excellent experience!!!

That NETGEAR WNDR 3300 router is long gone. Bye bye!!! And, I replaced it with a newer version of my almost new D-Link Extreme N. Within 10 minutes of coming out of the package, that baby was connected and making friends with my laptop and MacBook. No issues whatsoever! It was magic!

Can't help but believe the stigma of my using the "E" word to the non-helpful tech support guy at NETGEAR had something to do with his lack of desire to further assist although his tone was not offensive... just robotic. The phone call being disconnected at the time it was and his choice not to call me back that gets me. And, not to receive a call back from the message I left later. Makes me wonder even more. There was no language gap -- he spoke impeccable English -- so I know that wasn't it.

In pondering the entire experience, I'm still of the belief that I was so far out of his script and more knowledgeable than what he was used to, he just didn't know how to respond further. He knew I knew I had a buggy router and wasn't going to through the whole RMA thing.

Or, perhaps he's so used to receiving such phone calls about bad routers, he just didn't care. And, was ready to move on to the next call. What's another dissatisfied customer any way. Didn't make the connect to future sales or the power of a few little voices. Whatever.

Do I forgive him/them... yes! But, will I ever buy a NETGEAR product again... flat out NO! Will I ever recommend their products to anyone ever, no! Am I left with an uncomfortable feeling about the stigma of "E" and how people can be treated... yes! Just wondering what notes he wrote on my case number... if the phone call was recorded as such lines always indicate they are. Will I even write a letter to complain??? Ummmm... no. At one time in my life I would have. These days... it simply doesn't matter. Today, I count it all joy. More reason for me to put time and energy into trying to make a difference in my own little way with the "E" and seizure stuff. Not a bad experience all in all. A bit perplexing, yet I know not much is straightforward these days -- from people (even me) to technology. The ordeal with the NETGEAR router and robotic tech support guy was simply a learning experience. Racking it up to education. And, as long as I'm learning... on the path to healing... it's all part of living this thing called life. Life lessons learned from a NETGEAR router, who'd have figured? LOL ;)

Now... on to the mushy amazing parts of yesterday.... with some gratitude thrown in...

Very grateful to the Best Buy guy for listening to me, understanding what I needed, being honest with me when I asked him some specific questions re. router returns, etc. For not blinking an eye, but rolling his when I shared my NETGEAR ordeal with him. For treating me like I had a brain in my head. Kudos to you Cornelius for being such a great kid and making even the most complicated returns easy (because my return really went back to November 13, 2008). And, for stapling all four receipts together.

Very grateful to the two elegant ladies in Panera Bread in Aberdeen, NC... the one with the beautiful accent and the one with her with eyes the color of mine. Thank you for not thinking I was crazy when I knelt at your table... for getting it and telling me how sweet I was. For understanding a stranger's heart and possibly odd behavior. I truly believe because I did what I did... God followed through and restored part of my family to me... parts from the other side of the country I've been missing since 1987. When we returned home... there was a message waiting in my FaceBook from a key one, I've been missing lots. God bless you two for your graciousness and for not hindering.

Very grateful to my husband for taking the side track to buy us that delicious cookie while I was on my knees with the beautiful ladies above. That Chocolate Duet Walnut cookie was divine. And, the one I had him buy my mother -- she enjoyed with much delight.

Very grateful for my friends (old and new) on Face Book and who have written to me here via this blog and now Youtube, too... either checking in or inquiring about Epilepsy and what it is. And, also to a few I don't know that have sent me links to their blogs and words of encouragement. Sooooo amazing!

Very grateful to my family... my mother and sister... my niece and my great niece... and close loved ones (some of the closest began as friends and over the years have become my family and/or made me part of theirs). And, beyond grateful to be back in touch with more of my PNW family. Connections are extremely important to me. Always have been, but right now for more than a few reasons... they mean more than ever.

And... lastly... this will sound crazy... but to AI, Josh Groban and the Children's Choir from Africa. These children captured my heart when I watched their performance almost two years ago, which I'm including in a youtube below. I've never forgotten their faces. These children are taking God's light around the world. As they raise others up... they are bringing much needed attention to their homeland.

More must be done for the children of the world... in Africa, Guatemala -- where one of my best friends adopted two beautiful daughters from... to the Sugar Cane Kids in the Dominican Republic... to kids right here in the U.S. -- children tend to put life in perspective in a way nothing else can. And, me being me... I feel just about the same with animal rescue and my ESRA family... my Springers.

Taking today off from email to catch up on tons of stuff that needs attention in my home. Will be starting my day most likely late morning with a cup of one of my most favorite teas on the planet Teavana's Sweet Amore ... a Rooibos based tea with both red and green rooibos, a little uncommon to find blended together. Extraordinarily beautiful with little rose buds and petals blended in. It looks and smells like a wonderful potpourri -- safe for people with neuro conditions.

I'll have the luscious tea in a clear glass cup, so I can view the tea... the red color along with half of a yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin... from my fave healthy goodness store in Southern Pines... Nature's Own. I'll heat that half of a muffin for a few, then add a good slather of peanut butter on it. The way the melted dark chocolate chips meld in with the warm Peanut Butter, for me, it's a little slice of Heaven on earth and takes me back to many wonderful memories of special people and food in my life.

Will add labels later. Didn't sleep well last night's now 7:30 a.m and need to read a few devotions before I crash for awhile. God Bless!

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