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Saturday, March 21, 2009

No boo boo... but something I left out...

out of my last blog entry... the 9s and 3s one more time!!!

9 times 3 = 27... it was 27 years ago I was in the car accident I mentioned. I did the math immediately after I saw the 9 and 3, yet the memory of the blow I received on the left side of my head didn't surface until this week. During various neuro assessments, I've never even mentioned it. Not that it will prove to be noteworthy... yet to block out such a memory??? What? Well... no comment. I'd be frustrated but truly am trying my best to take everything as God's timing. And, I'm realizing some of the hardwired stuff, isn't quite so hardwired in apparently. Such a thing to forget... walking away alive from such a wreck.

One thing for sure, I'll never forget it. It's gone into my memory banks where I store things such as my trips to NYC, Hawaii, Chicago, Atlanta, the Amish Country in PA, Fort Laurderdale, Mt. Saint Helens... even places that are sort of close to home like Myrtle Beach. Including every memory I've captured and stored here in my blog. And one incredible Dolphin Swim in the Bahamas with some of my best
Bare Escentuals gal friends, ever.

Oh my Lord! ;) (Bet you get that one Miss "C"... you hold the key to it like no other)

See how it works now ??? Ha!

Didn't take photos at the ESRA get together -- we had our hands full with both Sydney and Chance. Both had their own unique reactions to their Springers/Humans meet and greet. But, a group photos were taken of us. Hoping I can snag one to post here.

However, afterwards we took a wrong road and I found an area of what I call "sleeping" trees and snapped a few. I'll post tomorrow. The sky was so blue, it reminded me of my father's eyes.

Whether any of this makes any sense to my readers... trust me... it makes much sense to me.

Sooner or Later.........

......... maybe it will you, too! I write metaphorically and also use Jeanne Code -- for those of you that knew the old me and are learning the "new" Jeanne, you should get that. Words get a bit jumbled at times these days, yet I ramble my way through. Sometimes you may even hold the keys to unlock a blocked memory. So, if you ever come across a screwed up memory as I recall stuff from time to time. Or, can fill in a gap, please let me know. Just don't give me anything with numbers. LOL!

Going to close with one last comment... something to ponder... the 9 locker with the 3 lock, was it by fluke or accident? Did they lose the number 9 lock to locker number 9. The MRI department probably knows the answer to that one.

Yet, interestingly Albert Einstein said he would be considered an atheist "from the point of view of a Jesuit......Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous...

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Anonymous said...

Such an experience, wasn't it?? I wouldn't change that trip for anything because it brought some wonderful people into our lives. I think you and I were thankful for our own little peaceful room, especially that first night. Too overwhelmed for words, you know?!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our day in SC, too. Just lunching and bumming around - the four of us. Peaceful. Easy. I like that.

My mind is not on writing much these days. Not sure why - restless. Probably too many projects and things roaming through my mind. I need a quiet spot. Hopefully my time away next month will give me some peace before the storm, even though I'll be surrounding by so many people. My happy place gives me peace. Kevin doesn't quite get that. That's okay, I'll keep beating him over the head with it until he does.