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Sunday, March 15, 2009

To my ~A1~ and 4KT2, her friend...

and for the girl just diagnosed with the brain cyst -- the one so close to one of my loved one's heart, as is her precious daughter (the little mint eater)... your name has been written on my whiteboard left handed. Which means, we'll be praying for you down here in NC.

Actually, this youtube is for anyone anywhere who needs a boost!!

I LOVE this video!! Such an inspiration the "maker" is... sometimes it's the simplest and most easy things that can make a difference.

(~A1~ this video is pretty much what's been happening to me... it can happen to you, too!! I've have all ideas you're on the path already. And, I know you've seen the change in me -- good changes. Good changes can happen in you, too. God has a plan for your life, ~A1~ -- never forget it. I'm finally realizing mine and somehow the "E" or whatever it is I have, is bringing it to fruition. Since you find the youtubes helpful, I'll be adding more in between my usual postings. I want this to be a safe haven for you and a place of encouragement and peace. I'm going to start using a label ~A1~, so you can pull them up in a group whenever you need to and easily skip through my yacking about me. Going to go back to add labels to the others, too. Fortunately, there are many wonderful youtubers out there who feel led to create these wonderful videos, so it's not something I plan to do anytime soon -- I'm feeling led to video other stuff, which if it were my choice, I'd pass, but feel so led to, I must. Whew! Kinda scary human thought, but not letting fear get into my "faith" walk.)

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