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Friday, March 13, 2009

Un-edited me on MRI Day -- Part one... youtube

Note: I've been back and forth about pulling this YouTube because I pretty much despise it. It shows me vulnerable and not articulating well. I don't look well, either. But, it's part of the disease and in comparison to my two Project Rewire anniversary YouTubes, there has been significant improvement in my speech, however, my writing ability has diminished somewhat and my spelling is tanking... I'm leaving it the "image/place holder" of it here, but the video will not play if you click into it. Dated: October 24, 3009. 

Yep, this is me... "just Jeanne" putting a face on Epilepsy down below in my first public youtube, ever! Waaaay scary thing for me to do. But, just believe that I must. Feel compelled to.

However, just so you know, we're really still not sure yet. Of what, you may ask? If it's Epilepsy or not. Unfortunately. Meaning, I don't have a clear diagnosis as yet. And, we're at a place where we can't assume any longer. Since I'm kind of a puzzle, and AED (Anti Epilepsy Drugs) have yet to cause any significant changes to my condition... the jury is still out, so to speak. I'm a prime example of the whys more research is needed. To be honest, I was very much hoping we'd find a little something out today, but the MRI Imaging Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centers was running quite slow. We had a two hour wait. Yet!! NO problem whatsoever. If one can't find compassion in such a place... compassion simply can't be found.

The people we saw, oh my -- heart touchers all of them! Children who'd obviously had radiation or chemo. One sight impaired with developmental problems; seniors with similar appearances and conditions. Everyone's families. Then, add the stories we heard, the two hour wait didn't matter one iota. Spending time in such a place puts life in perspective, and makes one count their blessings in quick time...

And, speaking of blessings, one of my special blessings this past year has been my Epileptologist, Dr. John DeToledo. The dear man, was also running a bit behind. Came in, sat down, asked how I was and chatted a little, then he broke the news to me that he's leaving to work at another center in Texas. And, today was his last day! Sad news for me, but I couldn't be more than elated for him, as well as the center he's becoming a part of... I literally teared up in the examining room and boo-hooed in the car. Yet, felt okay because he's still going to review my MRI results and should touch base sometime with me on Monday.

During our visit as always he was caring, compassionate and very understanding. We discussed whom might be the best doctor to take over my care there. I feel completely confident we made the right decision and have chosen the right person. He's always called himself a "hammer' to me and has told me that everything else are nails, which is something I've found comforting, since stuff with me is so exasperatingly atypically unique. He described my new
Epileptologist as a "digger" and that she likes to figure things out. Wow! Well, I am digger, too! And, enjoy figuring things out is part of what I'm all about. So, it sounds like he's leaving me in good hands. That in and of itself, seriously helped relieve some anxiety right off the bat. So, in spite of having to wait a few more days to hear the MRI results, and losing my favorite doctor ever, it was a day full of blessings. All around. :)

Oh!!! And, I'm thrilled to share that Best Buy took my router back, even though I've only had it since November last year. The new one I chose in its place was a wee bit more expensive, but has more ooommmppphhh and is much more powerful. Technology advances so quickly the one I replaced has already been closed out (but I heard it was due to a bug -- no kidding!)... so I'm actually better off since it croaked.

Well... here goes... just me, no edits, titles, subtitles, credits, effects, toots or whistles... for all intents and purposes, if I floofed and airbrushed up, I wouldn't be real. More stuff will follow... as I get my home network networking again.

P.S. If you've read through my blog, you already know I have word retrieval issues. Some times my speech lags a little, and I lose track for a sec... it's just part of it. It bothers me greatly, but I've had much improvement over the past few months, although... my neuro activity really isn't better. 24/7 sensations never stop and as much as I know God is healing me... I'm still just a little person and it gets exhausting at times, it's why I appreciate the caring and encouragement I receive from those close to me. Just getting "my words' back has been a HUGE blessing to me. Know one knows how much it helps. Add my close ones... God is doing so much for me. Amazing!

Thanks to all of my readers... I appreciate each and every one of you.

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