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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pondering directions.........

It's 12:16 a.m. Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Had to re-write this from way early Monday a.m. Re-title it, too.

Words weren't flowing very well and my heart was touched so much at church it hurt. Although, indeed it was a very joyful service. Testimonies were given by visiting men from the ages of 18 to 50 who were once addicted to drugs and alcohol, or both. An alter call was given for those who had lost family members or people close to them who were bound by various things. So, I went to the front and hands were laid upon me. I don't go to alter calls often for several reasons, but just felt the call to go forth. This was the first time I've walked up and stood without having my husband come along. He stayed in his chair. I felt a little alone up there at first mainly because he usually comes to help steady me due to balance issues. But, the cool thing is that I was remarkably steady. My balance was okay. I took many photos during the service, too. Even felt compelled to trek to the car to get one of my cameras. Normally, I don't take one into church. There's another gentleman who takes photos. He really caught "the bug" to buy a new camera and start shooting after he saw some shots I took during a hike my husband I made to a nearby by railroad trestle last autumn. And, he does one terrific job, too! He has the fever, too!

The music was wonderful and the visiting speaker; his son, and their group of 20 men gave us more. Afterwards, when the visiting speaker gave the alter call and laid hands on me, he prayed for many who are close to me. He even asked me to call out their names individually. I did very quietly, but my memory gets sketchy sometimes, and I missed one. He also prayed for my healing to manifest. Believe me, I embraced it and tears flowed. Yet, it was later when I realized I'd forgotten that one very special person. Fortunately, I know God knows this person and many prayers are being lifted up. Not just by me, but by many. So, I didn't beat myself up over it.

There are those I'm concerned about -- that God is the only answer for. Those who are hurting. Fortunately, I do know Him and that Jesus is my savior. That the Holy Spirit is with me. I'm not worried about them -- it's more like a weight. And... a wait. But, I believe and am confident prayers all prayers that are being lifted up on their behalf will be answered. Miracles will happen. That they're in the works.

Now, about Project Rewire, for all intents and purposes I'm pondering whether it has served its purpose. If it's glorifying God. Even though, true healing has not been fully physically manifested yet, I still believe it is forthcoming. I've claimed it. I admit though that I need help to see myself healed -- the actual image of it. At times I allow the "E" condition in and of itself, along with the mood swings (some Rx driven), life circumstances, and being in limbo -- waiting for my June 9th appointment with my new neurologist/epileptologist, and pretty much being stuck at home -- not driving -- not contributing to our income all factor in and kinda hits me at times. When it does, it's overwhelming and I feel weak. Some days it's a little battle. While other days my humaness just gets me. Outside factors easily contribute to it. Yet, I know when I am weak He is strong. Perhaps being weak is a good thing? Yes?

So, what to do? Build my faith stronger. Confess His word. Fill my head with it. And, not stop listening to my praise music. Watch my words that come out of my mouth and my self-talk.

What is important for me to keep in mind, is that I do have many of my words back and am more creative in some different ways than I've ever been. That I've put everyone else in God's hands. Also, to be totally honest, at times I feel that Project Rewire in many regards has become a public journal, so it's time to re-evaluate.

What I do know for sure is that God is continually building my testimony, no doubt about it. At times, I do question as to whether I still have abilities and talents. Yet, the Word says... promises... He's given us unique talents and abilities... gifts, too among other things. So, I just need to check myself, rather than wonder if Project Rewire is all just about "me stuff". One thing that really struck me as I watched Joel Olsteen on television at Yankee Stadium live this past Saturday night... he said, "when you've done all you can, that's when God kicks in". Maybe I'm close to that place, because I've about done all I know to do. Maybe now, is "wait" time.

See... God expects us to do our part. It's a given. And, I'm trying my best, too. Where I may be tripping up is that I'm trying to do other people's parts, too. Something my wise big sister pointed out. Different word choices, similar meaning though. And, she indeed has much wisdom. So, as I write this... I'm going to let loose and turn them over to God. Admittedly, again. Yet, I'll do my best to be available to help if I can. Ever encourage and lift up. But, step out of the way, and let God do His work. Praying for divine connections and divine appointments for those people; for myself, too!

One word about my joyful sister, last year when i went into the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, we didn't know how many days I would be there wired up waiting to captures seizure events. 24/7 with wires stuck to my head the entire time on camera and sound the entire time -- we didn't know how long I'd be there. Well, she came to help. Stay with our mother. She originally came for what we thought at the most would be a couple of weeks. Well, she wound up staying for close to six weeks. There were things my husband and I needed help doing for our mother. And, I needed help. I walked out of that clinic pretty much in pieces because no events were captured. I'd pinned so many hopes on that stay and I hated it in there. Went sleep deprived for days longer that they even required. But, brains don't act on demand. They have their own minds. However, my eeg did clearly show that I was prone to seizures and it was an odd eeg to read. (It's suspected I'm experiencing deeper level seizure activity. It's just not been "captured" yet for a firm diagnosis to be made for medical intervention. Being aytpical... being unique has it's ups and downs, yet God is bigger. :)

From my sister's generous help and time, when she finally went back home to PA. I traveled along to give her company. Although I didn't drive. I helped with her Maltese pups. Once there, we did our usual fun stuff, but I helped a bit in her yard and with her laptop. And, it was on THAT trip where I found those pink Crocs -- the pink shoes God used to get my attention... which led me to pick up my camera and partner with Him to begin Project Rewire. My sister's reaching out to me... reaching out to help my mother, turned into a good thing. An inspiring chain of events took place. Yes, I did my part, and since it reinforced what I've known for decades now... when hurting sometimes the best most helpful thing one can do is to reach out to help another. Not saying my sister was hurting, but just giving my perspective from what was birthed from her helping me. If a person can't depend on their sister for help, who can a person turn to? I encourage anyone who is hurting reading this... reach out to help someone. There are times that person is in your own family. God will bless you for it.

Me personally, I know for sure God can heal me instantly, yet I've sensed since Project Rewire began that He is building my testimony as He journeys me to healing. So for a time, I need to focus on other things.
Spend time in prayer, in His word the best ways I can get it into me and seek His counsel. He's the only one with the answers I need. And, I'm so overdosed on talking about myself... bringing attention to myself for my causes. Much easier said than done.

I also need to spend more time in concentrated prayer about those who are close to me and to my heart. There are several right now who need prayers answered more than me, and I'm really feeling the need to intercede more than ever. Maybe this is just another time of fasting from this place?

We shall see. For those who are believers you will understand, for those who aren't. God is real, I just need to know whether others see Him reflected in me somewhere. Believing and asking God to let me know that in a uniquely special way from someone who knows me and from someone who really doesn't.

Thanks to all who have faithfully read. You can still find me on FaceBook. Yet, I'm going to spend a some time away from there, too. Will check in and out for awhile. There's much to do here in my home. In my yard. My desk is piled up. And, I need to allow God to renew me.

God bless all. Will I be getting rid of this blog entirely? No way. I've invested too much time in it and captured too many memories to do such a thing. It would be like losing a part of my life. Every word has been written from my heart. I'm just not in a place where I can write another word about me at this moment. For now, there are other words I'm feeling led to write. As well, as commitments to keep.

And, yes... this is part of living with the "E" condition. The ups and downs of it. That much I'm sure of. It's part of being human, too. ;)

So, for now... please keep me in your prayers.........

If I receive confirmation that Project Rewire is a work God wants me continue to do, when I come back, I'll post photos of the church service mentioned above. Give the name of the group and their wonderful leader. Before I ever post photos of other people, I always want to make sure it's the right thing to do. Think about it and pray about it. It's not a permissions thing. In photography, the photographer owns the photos and as long as the photos aren't being used to "make money", photos can be posted or used for personal reasons. And, the photos are copyrighted. Yep, even on a public blog, but sensitivity and confidentiality is essential in dealing with hurting people and those in recovery. So, this is a place where I need to be extremely sensitive. Another good reason to take a break. Be quiet and listen to what God has to say to me. While, I clear up some clutter. In my house and in my brain. Edited in a blurb about photography.

***************************added Sunday evening, May 3, 2009, 11:07 p.m.***************************

If this is the first time you've ever read my blog... the recent Newsweek article, is the best resource I've ever come across to give my readers an idea of what "it's" like for me. I'm all over the article, as well as in the stories shared. About this same time last year, I had the same hair do for almost 7 days.

As a gal on a mission, I intend to reference this article from time to time. It's also in my right side panel column of meaningful links. A cure needs to be found regardless of my personal situation. I've much to share about the lack of attention to the need for a cure in future entries.


Anonymous said...

You know we are always here listening - in many different ways. I'm lucky that I can pick up the phone and find you, too, when I don't see you around. You've left plenty here for many to read for a while, but I have faith you'll be back with more. Healing thoughts and prayers!


ppcjeanne said...

Thank you, my special friend. We are both lucky that we can pick up the phone and find each other. Appreciate your encouraging words, as well as the many notes I've received via email from others. You know what? Waiting in my ppcjeanne email box was a very sweet note from someone I've recently met in person, yet she really doesn't know me yet. God sent out an SOS on my behalf and it got answered quickly!

Incredible! So, I'd say confirmations have been rec'd loud and clear. Gotta dig through some of this clutter and make good on some commitments. Lost a bit of time yesterday because of a bad night before... but those times just cause me to push harder and they do get that idea factory of my sparking. Maybe a bit too much ~ LOL! They give me tons of prayer time, too! Now, that is a great by product.

Thanks Christa and to my other encouragers -- you know who you are! And, to the ones praying for me that don't comment or email.