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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The fire fell down as we prayed...

And testimonies were given.......

Due to confidentiality, which is extremely important, I'll come through and share that the group that visited my church was Sandhills Teen Challenge. But, I won't be posting a slide show. Sandhills Teen Challenge is a wonderful ministry. The work God does through them and the lives God has changed through them is simply incredible. It's a ministry that has touched both my mother's and my heart for many years as we've had family members battle alcohol and drug abuse. One in particular, who is very close to me, is no longer battling, but he's suffering the consequences of his actions as are we who care about him. However, God tucked him away and has given him favor in the place he's in.

He's clean now and has been for a long long time. In spite of his addiction and bad choices, he's always been a hard worker, very skilled and he's always had a good heart. Although the place he's in is not safe, he's had favor. He's worked as a tailor for the past six years. Much different than what he did prior. Yet, he's good at it. Today, he has a "pod" cell all his own. With a 12 inch fan and a tiny T.V. His two prize possessions, and he's finally getting some new glasses. He's recently received a grant scholarship and is working on his degree. He's taken many correspondence courses, went through the entire Salvation Army correspondence classes designed specifically for prison ministry. He's aced every course he's ever taken in there! Plus, he's an avid reader. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

He's a born again believer, but where he hurts the most is that he misses his family and knows how his bad choices impacted our family. We keep telling him that he's forgiven and we're proud of what he's accomplished. Our biggest prayers for him these days are for his safety and that God will continue to give him favor. Personally, I pray that God will use him in the place he is in. If by chance, any of my readers have someone close to them, living in a similar circumstance, please keep him in your prayers. And, if you ever feel led to write him, email me at privately. He loves receiving letters signed or unsigned, it doesn't matter. I'm sure he could use the encouragement, too. He's upbeat on the phone, but I can still hear the missing his family part come through. See... this is yet another facet of life that unless you live with it, or it touches your life, a person may not have compassion. Nor, an understanding. Substance abuse is horrible, Yet, it can be turned around. Twenty men stood in my church Sunday before last. Each in different phases of recovery. But, they all stood. They all worshiped. An amazing sight to see! They were all down at one point. Sometimes more than once because the body's desire for the substance can be overwhelming. Yet, they're taking it one day at a time with God's help via a terrific ministry.

Also, Sandhills Teen Challenge is always in need of donations. And, to sponsor a student, it only costs $1.00 per day. I've included their link in my "meaningful links to me" in my right side panel column.

To learn more about how Teen Challenge got its start, just click the link below. It was started by David Wilkerson in 1958. My 89 year old mother who has been in "in home" Hospice care now for several months for failure to thrive has faithfully supported his ministry for years. She has said forever it seems, that David has a unique message and that he tells it like it is. That his heart is truly for the lost and hurting. His walk certainly proves it, as do the countless lives that have been changed under his street ministry in NY.

Teen Challenge USA

David Wilkerson's ministry = World Challenge

I'll be adding another entry soon. I'm so hoping that Google Blogger will get with it and add a pages features, because this blog is going all over the place. Yet, it's a true reflection of me. These days the left side of my brain is forever idea making.

I'm considering creating my own web site, yet again, I've more than one area I want to go into to use the unique talents, abilities and gifts I believe God has given to me. Yet, I shall not rush it. So, please continue to keep me in your prayers.
The last few days I've had a great deal of pain in my head exactly in the spots where the head blows occured and the pressure has been crazy. Neuro activity throughout my body has been trying to test my faith, because it hurts... but, I'm not going to let it. Please also pray that I not be stumbled when I receive clear confirmations. That I'll continue to be sensitive. Thanks from my heart to yours......... :)

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