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Friday, April 24, 2009

Unlikely Pairings, Uncommon Partnerships and...

unique relationships.........

The Crape Myrtle in the upcoming slide show represents all of the above, but it also represents many many special memories in my life. There's not one part about that tree that is not special to me. From the bark, the limbs, the memory of when I picked it out. It was supposed to be lavender, but when it fully bloomed during its first summer, instead of being all lavendar, one third of blossomed into a beautiful white. I've mentioned it before here, that the touch of white reminds me of French lace, and my grandmother on my mother's side. Lavender is also a fave color of all of the gals in my family -- her daughters (meaning my mother and her four sisters) and we granddaughters, and I do believe at least one "great" loves it, too.

Now, every item I've hung in the tree, or sat in it... even under the tree is meaningful to me. Each represents a special memory or memories. Places I've lived or visited, as well as things and people that I care a great deal about.

Of course, I'm a cat and bird lover, so that particular one is easy to figure out. But, the unique relationship, is the bird's nest in the big mouth cat bird house. There's much more I could add, even a poem I've been writing, yet... I believe it's best if I stop here and leave the rest to the imagination. Perhaps one day I'll share the poem at a later date. Today is not the right time.

It's gorgeous outside and my husband is off today. We've an appointment set to have both Sydney and Chance groomed in Aberdeen, NC. Except for an hour or two that I spent in our back yard this week, I've been cooped up. Today, it's time to get out and take in some fresh air and new scenery. And yes, even though, it's scenery I'm very familiar with, I've no doubt God has something special in store for me to see. And, perhaps shoot a few photos of... we shall see!

Siib I'll post a shot of what this Crape Myrtle looked like last summer in full foilage......... when one can't see all of the stuff hiding in the tree! I'll share a little bit more about some of the items hanging in the tree, too!

May 18, 2009 edit: Didn't get to post that photo of the tree yet, since my photos are in the midst of recovery!!

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