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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I know You're There! By Casting Crowns..... .. .. .... ...

As the youtuber has disabled the "embedding" option... I am unable to include the actual "production", however, I'll share the link anyway... it's that nice! (And, I'm sensitive to the youtuber's reason for not allowing it to be embedded... there are always reasons behind such choices, and some youtubes have very personal reasons behind them.)

The beach shots and content are stunning reminders to me of my years growing up along Chesapeake Beach, in Virginia Beach... as well as every special beach I've had the joy and pleasure of visiting. My heartfelt hope and prayer is that one day to have a home on a beach again. It's just a dream and part of me I can't let go of. Just never felt led to let go of it. And, I don't give up hope easily!

The words of the song aren't for anyone in particular, but for *every* person who has ever touched my life in unique and special ways. Those are the people I'll remember forever. Family, best friends, friends, once co-workers, customers, clients... my readers here rest assured are included. As well, as those God allowed me to serve, or make a little difference. It's also to new friends and divine connections I know will be coming my way. Some already are.

This entry is also for my sister, Grace aka Gay, whose 66th birthday would have been tomorrow. Her life and loss made a huge impact on my life. Yet, I know she's still here with me, and one day I'll get to see her again. Thank the Lord for that assurance for those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior.

As you play the youtube, be sure to scope in on the words. And, please oh please... set it to hi-def. For the few semi-net-savvy (and I know who you are)... just click the words below... it's a link! It really really is! Ha!

I Know You're There by Casting Crowns

P.S. The photo recovery process is completed. Just received the good news!! God Bless the recoverer!!! So, watch for some pictures soon. I've not taken a single photo since "the mishap"...
it's going to be good to get back to it!

Hope, Faith & Prayer works!

Will be coming back to add an appropriate photo soon!


Palathius said...

Love your blog, found it through Twitter.

ppcjeanne said...

Palathius, why thank you kindly. I just checked yours out briefly, I love yours, too. Wonderful concept. So simple; so lovely. :)