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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We went flying this past Saturday... an album for my BIL...

It was a foggy morning at the Richmond County Airport this past Saturday, but we all successfully took to the air in our powered parachutes. We flew east to Hamlet, NC to cruise above the Hamlet Historical Train Depot & surrounding area. Jim, my brother-in-law, owns and flies the dark blue Destiny. Del, our local ppc-flying buddy owns the yellow Infinity.

Please note that many of the shots will appear hazy... that's due to FOG. Fog freaks out my little camera, so some shots aren't that hot! We had to wait for it to clear a bit before we could take off. It continued to hang in spots, yet there were gorgeous blue skies, too and some fluffy white cloud cover. As we were returning to the airport another wave of fog was heading towards us from the west. Steve and I decided to land. Then, Jim came in shortly behind us. Del flew a bit longer, down to the Pee Dee River and the fog caught up with him as he was returning to the airport. Steve was able to talk him through the fog on our aircraft radio. Dare I say it was an interesting few moments? Yes!

This album is simply a memento of the day for Jim. I took many many more photos... another album or two will be coming. (Cross posted to FB,)

Just so ya'll know... a year ago this past Saturday I began this blog, and what a cool way to celebrate by taking to the air again in our powered parachute. It was a great morning. After flying Steve, Jim and I had breakfast at Main Street Cafe in Hamlet. The grits were yummy & the boys enjoyed their Western Omelets.

Do stay tuned... I webcammed myself with my MacBook on Sunday afternoon to share my reflections. The good news is... Project Rewire has indeed helped me a LOT.

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