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Monday, October 5, 2009

I have no problems !... !... !... !.. .!... !... !... !!!

Was the common phrase we shared and heard coming out of our sanctuary at church yesterday into our fellowship hall.  My hubby and I had one really good conversation about it with one of our beloved friends.  He and his wife are dear to us.  Their son was very special as well, and tragically committed suicide a few years ago.  The father found him in their front yard.  Due to sensitivity reasons, I shall not elaborate further.  Suffice it to say... it was a difficult scene.  His family misses him dearly.  Those of us who knew him as a kid and an adult do, too.  I saw him frequently on my job and I can't see a big brown truck and not think of him.  

Anyway... we stood on line quite awhile waiting to get to the long buffet table which was fine by my hubby and I.  We always choose to either be last or make sure we're toward the rear.  We get to fellowship our way to the food!  :) It's also important for our seniors to get seated and the families with children.  Plus, it takes me forever to go down the buffet table.  That thing is like a giant menu!!  Which always takes me some time to go through.  Choices choices choices... funny thing, often I order the same ole same ole.  Years and years ago people used to select my food for me, like my mom... it's how I learned to have a diverse palette.  I go for healthy! 

I like to eat healthy even at our church meals, which nothing against Sourthern cooking, but, I know there's dessert of some sort waiting for me.  Perhaps, more than one dessert. :) So, I make it a point to go for veggie dishes, salads... light stuff.  However, I'm not going to turn down a serving of truly homemade mac & cheese or cornbread for anything.  Yesterday, I had a small serving of mac & cheese.  It was great!  I passed on the corn bread.  Much to regret after I nibbled a bite of my husband's wedged slice.  Like who cares about what I eat, but I did have a partial BBQ chicken leg.  It was good!  I eat meat, but not big portions.  I rarely eat red meat.  I'm clueless on the last time I had a steak, it's been that long ago.  Anyway, the food was tasty... the dessert even better.  Those multi-layer chocolate cakes were good.  I tasted two.  LOL  Not big slices... just very very small portions. 

Now back to the "I have no problems..." title.  We had a special speaker yesterday from the Assemblies of God district headquarters, who brought a profound message.  He started a little slow and it took me a few moments to tune in to be totally honest.  It's not that he wasn't interesting; just soft spoken.  He and his lovely wife had never had the occasion to visit our new sanctuary before, although he's visited our pastor several times over the past 19 years.  After all of his friendly warm up, I tuned in immediately.  Hey, I'm human.  And to be completely honest, I was experiencing some heavy duty pressure in my head.  It's distracting, but in most cases, I can shake it off and focus.  Which is good, because it helps me not to feel it. 

He spoke about "the Father's love".  Toward the end, before the alter call, he played a short video of Team Hoyt.  Hopefully, my readers will know who they are.  If not, please google them!!!  It's imperative for you to understand Dick and Rick's full story after you watch the youtube below.  I've been  blessed by catching their story on TV several times and I'm always humbled... always amazed... always teary eyed.  It's so incredibly inspiring and thought provoking.  It will put your life in perspective in a New York minute!  Try it, you'll see.  For a taste... here's the wikepedia link below:

I'm going to end this entry here by sharing that in a nutself one of the most profound statements Rick made to his dad which Dick found so compelling that he's pressed on and continues to race... was that Rick "did not feel handicapped" during the events.  Marathons to Iron Man Triathlons... running, biking... swimming!  That's super human stuff when considering what some would see as obstacles.  As far as the obstacles... merely read the link above for enlightenment.  Maybe God will touch you as he did me... yet, another reminder.  I have no problems... and the challenges I have are tiny in comparison to Team Hoyt,  They are a true example of "our Father's love" on earth.  If you don't see it, please comment.  If you do, comments are always welcome.

Now... for the youtube... there are MANY on youtube about Team Hoyt.  This particular one has some of the same footage we watched in church yesterday which is my reason for choosing it.  

My Redeemer couldn't be more fitting of a score...

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