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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Took a hot delicious bath and a walk in the woods,,,

I took an oh so soothing bath last Monday a week ago to be exact and soaked in an aromatherapy mineral salts mixture called, "soothing heat", what could be more appropriate?  I've been remembering that bath, even though I took a hot shower earlier today, because I'm freezing.  It's just nuts.  It was beautiful here today and the sun was shining, yet I stayed chilled.  Even when Sydney and I had our one-on-one special time in the pine forest beside my house with my back up against a sun beamed tree!  The pine straw I was sitting upon was warm, but not enough, when usually the warmth cuts thru any coolness I'm feeling.  So, in my mind, I went back to my hot bath.

I discovered years ago when I worked in Seattle and was trying to find an alternative way to manage my migraines, that we have the ability to warm our hands with thought.  Hand warming is a technique used to deal with migraines and is effective for some people.  It's about getting the blood flowing.  One just has to visualize their blood routing to their hands.  It's basic imagery and a bio-feedback technique.  For my migraines it never worked, but I can raise the temp of my hands a little bit.  So, reliving that hot bath, I've been attempting to warm my bod!  It's not been cold enough to have the heating system going, nor the gas logs.  In fact, it's been cooler in my house than outside.  The insulation keeps the cool air inside.  In fact, as I type, I'm quite layered.

Also with the bath, I couldn't help but recall the marvelous day I spent a week ago last Monday...  I actually journal ed this, but didn't share it.  There are a few entries I've done that with... ones that would almost be  repeat of what I've shared on FaceBook.  I use FaceBook in a way like I do this blog, I write a lot to keep my words flowing, and I already feel like I'm overkill.  But, that needs to change because my writing ability is not what it was, and spelling efficiency is lacking.  Yes, I know I'm my own worst critic.  I've decided after this entry, that I'm going to make short entries.  Just little stuff at times, that I'd share with a friend or relative if we were talking on the phone, or emailing notes.  I still believe the Lord led me to create this blog and although I've not been as active as I need to be, I'm not inclined to give it up.  So, instead, I'm setting a small goal for small entries.  Also, all entries may not include photos as what's become the norm for me.
So... back to last Monday... a week ago...

As I lingered in the tub I listed to Jon Schmidt's "A Walk In The Woods".  It was perfect and inspired me to write this entry!  Yep!  It surely did!

I took a walk of my own today, in the woods.  It was amazing.  Our short 1 1/2 mile journey in... was to the work horse of a trestle that runs over the Pee Dee River from Richmond County to Anson County.  It was originally built in 1873, although the structure has been replaced and repaired several times, it stands stately!  Yet, scary in appearance.   My husband was with me.  And three very special friends.  We're all train lovers to the nth degree!

We went to see the beautiful Autumn foliage, yet there was barely any to be seen.  Many leaves had fallen and it was not even close to the beauty last Fall beheld.  It was also cloudy.  Only a 20% percent chance of rain, however, it drizzled upon our arrival.  It rained on us as we walked out.  We didn't care to be damp or wet, yet it didn't matter at all.

We went to see trains come down the track.  We were blessed by two!  Although we waited for a long while at the trestle, not further trains passed by.  True, we were disappointed, yet, quite simply it was all about the trains.  It was about fellowship and sharing something uniquely special in common, and for us... trains are not a hobby.  They are a passion.

I took a little fall.  It was more of a "trip", yet I caught myself.  I was about to nose dive into the steel rail of the rail road track.  I'm a pretty good catcher and incredibly happy that I am, because I can't bear one more head blow.  Four is like so enough!  LOL  That time it would have been my forehead.  Slight bruising has developed on the palm of my left hand and so far my knee is only swollen a little bit.  What's funny, is as I was falling it was as if it was in slow motion because I had time to "think" to re-position my body to land on the rocks.  The only thing that hurt is the palm of my hands got dirty and a knee of one of my favorite pair of jeans.

All in all it was a terrific day, with special friends.  The highlight wasn't actually the trestle, although, admittedly... it's a very close second to the company we kept and the fellowship.  The common bond of being believer's in Christ and trains is way cool!

Including a slide show, now only the backs of my friend's will show.  I'm careful about posting faces, however, you see my hubby on his mobile phone and distant shots of my friends and he going under the trestle.  They're teeny weeny so look close and be speedy about it!  There are no photos of me.

Now, the trestle has been damaged in the past by fires and floods, yet rebuilt in the very same spot. It has excellent footings and is suited to carry weight loads that are unimaginable by most. And the freight that has traveled over the trestle... the precious loads of people and cargo. The haz-mat materials and military items... food... the list is endless. And... the trestle still stands. All train trestles amaze me. This one is special to me, though, because I have family members and loved ones that road these rails and dedicated their lives to the Seaboard Airline/Seaboard Coastline/CSX railroads. To see the trestle up close, it blows my mind that it's stood the test of time. It doesn't look safe! 

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