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Thursday, December 17, 2009

You can rest peacefully now, cousin... 10-31-53 to 12-17-09

At this moment you're experiencing the peace that passes all understanding.  It's your time.  You are free of pain, suffering and heartache.  You have a new body and a new set of lungs.  You are with our family in heaven.  Our beloved grandparents, your grandmother who loved you and your sister dearly.  Our uncles.  You are with my sister lost who her life way too young. 

At times, true, you were a pain in the rear, yet you were loved unconditionally by more family members and people than I suspect you knew.

You are the second of the cluster of five boy cousins I was born into as the only girl to leave this planet.  Your passing grieves me, not only because you will be missed so much by your immediate family, but by many of us who never got to see you again.  Last I saw you, you were by our grandmother's side at Duke Hospital in 1983.  Although I talked to you in the early 80s many times, it's been decades.  You were hurting then, but no more now.  Never again.  Wish I had talked to you just one more time.  Wish I'd seen you one more time.  The timing was never right, though.  But, I shall see you in heaven.  What better place for a family reunion?  By now you've seen your uncle Richard, my dad, God only knows what he said to you!  He was gifted at one liners.  Whew wee!

And, cousin, I prayed this morning before I heard the news that you'd gone to heaven about what to do with this blog.  In your own way, you've given me the reason, the obvious reason to keep it open.  Who knows how often I'll post, but keeping memories is part of what Project Rewire is about even though I don't share that often on the blog, my husband knows as do other loved ones.  Now, the memory of your meeting Jesus face to face has become a part of it.  Bittersweet at the moment, yet glorious just the same.  I'm envisioning you in a new body, a whole body, healthy, happy and praising God right with the rest of your family in heaven one day, me included!

Those who read this, please keep my family in your prayers.  Yet another loss here at Christmas and we carry memories of other family members and friends lost (yet in Heaven) this time of year.

Matt, you will be sorely missed by those who knew you, worked with you, befriended you and loved you.


Gigi said...

Jeanne, I was so sorry to learn of the passing of your cousin...I pray that your family is comforted by the loving embrace of our Father - who welcomed your cousin, Matt, into Paradise just hours ago.

Christa said...

Thinking of you...